Monday, July 24, 2017

What I miss about New York

It has been exactly three weeks since I stepped onto a plane from New York City back to Belgium, home. And although I'm enjoying being home so much, there are a few things I miss about living in New York. Because I was there for 6 months without leaving, I didn't appreciate some of the things which, in hindsight, are pretty special. It's really the combination of things that make this city one of the best in the world. 

A few things I miss about New York: 

- Being in the front row, having the first scoop of so many exciting things. Exclusive pop-up shops, new workouts, celebrity outings, food hypes. In New York, you get to be (one of) the first to taste/look/try it all.

- Living a few doors down from Anna Wintour. Okay, I only saw her go into her house exactly once so we didn't become best friends, but the idea that Anna was pretty much my neighbor is pretty cool. 

- Going to one of my favorite coffee places and starting to see the same people. It made me feel like a local!

- Passing by that little Australian brunch place in my street and being greeted by the owners with a nice Aussie sounding "Hello! How are you?" each time. 

- Taking good photos, it's so effortless in this city. The light is incredible because it's usually reflected off buildings, and of course, New York on its own is very photo-worthy. 

- Meeting up with friends was never so easy since some of them lived a few streets away. Spontanous coffee dates and brunches are the best!

- My morning and sunset runs along the Westside Highway. I never thought I'd be running so much in New York, living so far away from Central Park. But I lived only 700 meters away from the Westside Highway, which is (to me) the ultimate place for running in New York. 

- Talking about running, the two races (10K and a half marathon) I did in Central Park were so special, and still feel like great accomplishments. I really want to start doing more races, because the feeling of finishing is pretty unbeatable. 

- Everyone I've met here, no matter how deep or brief the relationship, made a lasting impression on me. I've met so many interesting people almost every day and made new friends, I miss them already! 

- The food. I don't even know where to begin. Having the best food of every imaginable cuisine at your fingertips is a real luxury and one I reluctantly gave up by moving back home. Pizza slices, Sweetgreen salads, pasta, avocado toasts.. I miss you. 

- Walking around SoHo and the West Village, two of my favorite areas. In SoHo, I loved walking down Prince Street, Mercer Street and West Broadway. In the West Village, I loved walking all the way down Bleecker Street until I reach the Meatpacking District. Bleecker Street is for sure one of my favorite streets in all of New York.

- Rooftops. New York is the rooftop city, so we made it our mission to do as many as possible, whether it was for summer rooftop parties or summer sundowners. The best ones are Westlight in Brooklyn and Public Hotel in Manhattan (find more on my map). 

To sum things up, I'm starting to miss New York, so I hope I can go back soon!

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