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New New York post! In these couple of weeks the hottest new rooftop opened, I spotted Gigi Hadid and went back to Shelter Island. This was end of May, beginning of June so the sweltering summer really hit New York. Nothing else to do but try some new ice cream parlors, so that's exactly what I did ;)
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Can't remember if I already showed you this tasty lunch we had at Banter. They're a couple doors down from my apartment and I always see the crowds stand in line here during the weekend.

Found this cute T-shirt at Zara "Stand up for love". I don't often buy clothes with quotes (it can get tacky really quick) but I like this one and the colors!

Love this neon sign at Lou & Grey on 5th Avenue.

Who remembers the 'Anchors away' Sex and the City episode? I didn't realize fleet week was a real thing, until it actually happened and the city was all of the sudden full of sailors. Such a fun sight!

"If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine"

After a long morning working on uni projects, my friend Charlotte and I decided to treat ourselves to a little lunch break at The Butcher's Daughter, where I had the grilled cheese (one of my favorite dishes there). 

We also shared banana bread for dessert but I can't recommend it. It was really too sweet and dense, and I prefer light and more cakey banana bread. 

McNally Jackson on Mulberry St. is the best stationary store I know. Their pen and pencil display is every organizer's dream come true. It's just so neat!

On a random Thursday night, I organized a little ping-pong night with a bunch of friends. We went to Spin, where we heard that we had just missed Justin Bieber by a couple of hours. Damn, so close yet so far. 

At the end of May I spent a weekend with family friends on Shelter Island, an amazingly beautiful little island near The Hamptons. We did a tour of the island by scooter, it was so nice! (a little scary at first since I fell badly the only time I ever drove a scooter)

After the laziest day we went to Sunset Beach for french fries, artichoke fries (to die for) and rosé. 

At night it was time to barbecue so I headed to the store on the little scooter to buy some coals first. 

The family's cats were the whole time hanging around in the bathroom or my room, I love them! They reminded me of my cats at home. 

Jajaja is a vegan Mexican restaurant which recently opened in Chinatown. I didn't go yet but their quotes are always so great. 

Sunday treat: cinnamon rolls from Hundred Acres with an iced latte, sitting outside Olive on Sullivan Street. Bliss!

And of course all that eating is compensated with some exercise ;) I love my evening runs by the Hudson River, it doesn't get old. 

One day, I was walking home from a café, and I passed Gigi Hadid's building on Bond Street. When I saw lots of paparazzi I decided to wait for a bit, and sure thing, Gigi walked out a few moments later. I love Gigi, but I must say I don't envy her life and the lack of privacy she has. I couldn't imagine not being able to go for a walk around New York without all these people around.

Morgenstern's truly makes the best ice cream in the city. I love the black coconut ash ice cream, which has a very subtle coconut flavor and a pitch black color.

Another nice ice cream parlor, usually parked in front of the Louis Vuitton store in SoHo. Don't you love how the ice cream guy is posing for the picture? :)

One of my favorite things about summer in New York is going to friends' rooftops, have dinner and chill. Feels so surreal! Some rooftops even have gardens, a dream!

Always when I walked by Raoul's on Prince St in the middle of the night, I saw this man drawing the restaurant. So random, but then again, in New York nothing surprises you anymore after a while. 

Bumble (the dating app) set up a really cool pop-up space in SoHo where everyone could come in, and preferably go on a Bumble date. I just came here with a friend in the morning, so we were all by ourselves. 

I can't believe how much effort brands put into their marketing/PR ideas. Nothing's too crazy. Look at the design of this place, and to think it was just a pop-up! 

I finally got to try abcV, the hottest new all-vegetarian restaurant. It's the first high-end veggie restaurant I tried in New York and I was super impressed. Read my review here. 

Walks in SoHo, I could never get tired from them.

I've been going to La Colombe for ages, but never tried any of their cakes or cookies. I'd been eyeing this chocolate chip cookies and I finally caved. It didn't disappoint, so sticky, gooey and it has walnuts in it. 10/10 would recommend. 

Classic New York! I took over 7000 photos ever since I arrived in New York, that's pretty crazy. I should go through my photos and only keep the best ones..

Murray's Cheese is the cheese mecca of the city, and they also make one hell of a grilled cheese, with three cheeses (OMG). They use fontina, asiago and provolone, and it was just oozing out. Yummm. 

This blue townhouse in Greenwich Village is for sale, any takers? If I'd win the lottery I would in a heartbeat. 

One of my friends lives in a building right across the UN. It's a really impressive building, and so cool they have a view on it from their rooftop. 

When I posted this picture on my Instagram, people thought it was set-up or fake. But true story: I walked out of this train together with my brother, and all the way at the front, we spotted these balloons. We quickly took out our phones to capture it right before the doors closed. I have so many questions left unanswered now haha! Who? Why??

When I walked to Midtown, I always start at Washington Square Park, up 5th Avenue. There are nice stores and you have a good view of the Empire State building. You also pass by the Flatiron Building.

Here she is!

As you read in this post, a new hotel opened in Downtown NY at the start of June. The Public Hotel immediately became the place to be, for meeting friends, parties, work sessions, and rooftop sundowners. 

Just look at this view, it's pretty unbeatable. The best rooftop view Downtown for sure. 

Because it was super hot out, Van Leeuwen was handing out free ice cream from their truck. I tried the vegan chocolate chip cookie flavor and it was really delicious! Highly recommend it. 

I'd been wanting to try Rumble since I arrived in the city, so I just Googled to find free trials, and I did! I tried two classes in one week, and loved it. It's a one-hour combination of boxing and strenght training. Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and a whole bunch of models come here on the regular. 

Ran into this Shiba Inu puppy. I love this dog breed so much, they seem like really sweet and intelligent dogs. And they look like little foxes. I want to have one of these later!

My roommate and I went to the East Village for a late lunch because I wanted to try the much-hyped Superiority vegan burger. The place is kind of weird so it's better for take-out. The vegan burger was good but nothing exceptional, so I probably wouldn't go back.

On one night I didn't feel like going to bed after dinner, so I left my apartment for a little walk. I ended up at Le District, which is a French supermarket in the Battery Park. They sell all kinds of typical French things here and there's also a food court with crêpes, French fries, a wine bar etc. 

Claudette is a little restaurant on 5th Ave that always looks like it came straight from a movie. 

Springbone is a healthy café really close to where I live. They do bone broths and mostly Paleo food, but like every self-respecting NY restaurant, they also make avocado toast. You can have one with egg or with kimchi. Since I LOVE kimchi I tried it, and loved it. 

Sel Rrose became my favorite bar in the last weeks in New York. They have plenty of space both outside and inside, they have epic truffle fries and there's a pink (!) door. Plenty of reasons to make it my fave. 

The cocktails are reaally good too!

Spotted this taco truck near the water in the Financial District. I'm sad I didn't try it!

That was it! Now all there's left is another couple hundred photos of June to wrap up my New York diaries, stay posted ;)
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