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Because I love writing these New York posts, I will continue to make them even though I'm not in New York anymore. I hope you don't mind! In this post, I'm exploring new places with my brother, including Brooklyn Heights. It's the end of May and the weather is getting better and better! 
Jimmy at the James New York

My university is right next to Lincoln Center, so we can see it from our classrooms. I kind of like the windowless façade..

I often walk through Washington Square Park, which is filled with street artists now that summer is finally here. I spotted this hilarious scene: a band playing music and a bunch of dogs sitting in a row right in front of them. Turns out a dog walker had a bit of fun and set up the dogs there, as if they were part of the performance, haha! 

SoHo is the area where I take the most photos probably, it's just so photogenic! 

A visit to the Glossier showroom isn't complete without a picture of the bouquet in the entrance. They always look so perfect they almost seem fake. 

After my sister left New York, my brother stayed with me for a couple of days. We rented some city bikes and cycled all the way up the Hudson River.

We ended up at Columbia University, a campus really worth visiting. I had been once in 2010, so it was time for a new visit. It's really far up the Upper West Side, so I hadn't been yet this year.

After Columbia University and some major Citibike issues (make sure you dock your bikes properly!), we continued our biking tour through Harlem, Central Park and Midtown Manhattan, where I took this perfectly timed photo. 

Since my brother is an architect, we stopped to look at 432 Park Avenue, which is the world's tallest residential building and also the second tallest building in New York (after One World Trade).

We continued cycling along the East River, where I'd never cycled before. 

We went all the way down to Chinatown/Financial District where we docked our bikes and walked back home through the Lower East Side. Long and very active day! 

Our efforts were rewarded with a tasty pasta dinner at Bar Pitti. Feeling indulgent, we ordered two desserts: pannacotta and affogato, both which were absolutely delicious. 

Affogato is my new favorite summer dessert! It's so simple, some vanilla ice cream with a strong espresso poured on top. 

Talking about strong coffee.. we went to Abraço for coffee. They probably have the strongest espresso in New York but also the most arrogant baristas, unfortunately. Not sure why, but I've been here twice and each time was quite unpleasant. Too bad because the coffee is amazing. 

I love a strong coffee!

I took my brother to the Dumpling Man for a sampler of hot, freshly made dumplings! The ultimate comfort food in the East Village. 

After our East Village walk it was time to head East for real, to Williamsburg. I had to show my brother a true New York rooftop party so we joined some friends at Output for Tiki Disco (a summer party). 

These kinds of moments always feel the most surreal, with the Manhattan skyline in the background, the sun setting, good music and nice people around me. Couldn't be happier!

They served frozen watermelon vodka cocktails... mmm so good,

We also had some fries because dancing makes you hungry ;) I love it when parties have good food! Tiki Disco parties are probably some of the best ones in New York during summer!

We danced for hours while the sun was setting and the music got louder. 

Once it got dark we decided to call it a night!

Hungry (again), we headed to Lilia for some pasta. The mafaldini pasta is one of the best dishes I tried in 6 months. Mouthwateringly good.

When the floor matches your pants...

The next morning we headed out early and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was a beautiful day again so we explored the beautiful Brooklyn Heights area, on the left side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I hadn't really been here before but there's a nice walkway that takes you from the bridge down to the water...

... where you get unparalleled views over the city.

The 1Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel that just opened in Brooklyn Heights. The views from the rooms must be pretty great! A good tip if you're planning a trip to New York but don't necessarily want to stay in Manhattan. 

Brooklyn Heights reminds me very much of London, with lots of greenery and colorful townhouses.

Even the Trader Joe's here is beautiful! I don't think I've seen a fancier grocery store before.

Bien Cuit supposedly has some of the best bread in Brooklyn. We didn't try any but it did indeed look pretty good. REAL bread is something I really miss in New York. 

Found this cute little concept store/café called Regular Visitors.

Smith Street is anyway full of cute cafés, shops and restaurants, a must-visit when you're in this part of Brooklyn!

We continued our walk without a plan, and my brother got kind of hungry. We randomly found this really cool courtyard which had a barbecue stand called Pig Beach. There were lots of families and there was a super cozy atmosphere. On one side you could get all kinds of BBQ meats and on the other side, there's a bar.

These guys took their BBQ pretty seriously so my brother got very excited about these fall-off-the-bone spare ribs. I tried a bite and I must say they were really well marinated and super tender.  

After some more walking, we reached the entrance of Prospect Park, one of biggest parks in the area.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has been on my to-do list for ages, so I was happy to finally see it! 

There's a collection of Bonsai trees, some of which are hundreds of years old, really impressive.

After the botanical garden we headed to Smorgasburg in Prospect Park where we had some snacks.

Tired from walking all day, we took the subway back to Manhattan and went to bed pretty early.

On Monday we woke up super early because it was graduation day! I didn't actually finish all my courses yet but because we had less than 9 credits left we got to join the official Fordham Graduation, which is kind of a once in a lifetime thing! The ceremony itself was kind of boring but hey, we got to walk around in caps and gowns and take cheesy American graduation pictures. I loved it!

After graduation, I took my brother to my favorite restaurant, Charlie Bird, for lunch. We shared starters and then both had the cacio e pepe. Very tasty but we had way too much food! It was a really rainy day so we didn't do much the rest of the day. My brother flew back to Belgium in the evening so it was time to say goodbye!

The weather got better later in the week so I went for a run and spotted this little bee getting pollen from these super fragrant roses. I love running along the Westside Highway!

Six more weeks till my real graduation, time to work on my final projects. I often go to Greecologies because their backyard is really quiet, there's wifi and they have the best iced oat matcha lattes.

With six more weeks worth of photos, there are a couple more New York posts coming up, so stay tuned!

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