Monday, July 24, 2017

10 beautiful Instagram accounts to follow

I've written about my favorite NYC Instagram accounts, and my top travel accounts. I have never shared my favorite lifestyle and fashion accounts so I thought I'd share some of them today. These women post the dreamiest photos, beautiful outfits and incredible locations. Especially during the summer, it's a treat to follow these accounts. Here's my top 10 lifestyle/fashion/travel Instagram accounts at the moment...
10 beautiful Instagram accounts to follow


Vivian is a Dutch photographer who travels the world for photoshoots and sometimes goes back to her home base in Amsterdam. I love her artistic vision, and her style is kind of rock & roll. She also wears a nice mix of high-end and high-street fashion. 


Elsa Hosk is best known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel, but her Instagram is so much more than just pictures of her in lingerie. She has a really unique style and vibe to her photos. And obviously she's incredibly beautiful! One of my favorite Angels.



Sophie looks like the kind of girl you want to be friends with. She doesn't seem to take herself too seriously and her style is also pretty relaxed with a lot of denim, flowy little summer dresses and oversized T-shirts. I'm envious of her beautiful ombre hair!



In short: a Munich girl with impeccable style who moved to London and then L.A. Her style is very minimalistic and so is her feed. One of the most consistent Instagram accounts I know, which is why I've been following her for many years.



Anna is a fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar UK although you could argue that she's also an Instagram pro on the side. She posts a mix of travel, food and outfit photos. And a lot of Italy, which is always a good thing. 



The Naked Tiger is actually a brand, and while I usually don't like brands' accounts, I love this one. They sell all kinds of clothes, but the photos are focused on swimwear and funnily, women hardly wearing any clothes. The photos are very nude and sexy, without being erotic or vulgar. The female body at its best I'd say!



I only recently started following Belen but I love everything about her photos, from the filters to the locations and styling. She seems like a very relaxed and natural girl, not overposed or overedited. I like it a lot! 


I've been following Filippa since I lived in London, where I even ran into her a couple of times. She has that perfect Scandi style, and manages to seamlessly combine high street with designer fashion. Although she lives in London she travels a lot, so it's a nice mix of fashion and travel. 



I've been following Noortje for a long time and I don't even remember how I found her account. I love her super simple but chic outfits, beachy photos and overall great style. She's not overaccessorized like most Insta-girl, which I like a lot! She definitely deserves more followers. 


Josefin reminds me so much of Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels, not only in terms of looks but also personality. She seems like such a happy bubbly person and her Instagram reflects it perfectly. Expect beautiful breakfasts, a ton of flowers and Josefin herself. I have serious hair envy by the way, she has the perfect blonde bob.

Now tell me, who are your current favorites?

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