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Time for a new New York diary. In this 'episode' (hah) you'll see what I got up to when one of my best friends came to visit! You can find all the spots of this post on this Google map I made. We had a very full week with lots of walking around, eating and checking out shops and museums. Now I only have a month left here, I can't really believe it!

My friend Gemma finally arrived! We met each other in Munich and we were pretty inseparable. She now lives in London, so I don't get to see her as often as I'd want to!

Although I don't really like Cha Cha Matcha (their matcha kinda sucks? Or is it just me?), Gemma wanted to try it. 

We had breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda, where they have the cutest packs of sugar in the entire world. 

Although I like Jack's Wife, I feel like their menu is a little bit limited, especially if you don't like to eat eggs like me. I swear almost every dish comes with meat/fish/eggs. So I took the rosewater waffles, which were super delicious.

The 'Away' store in SoHo is very Instagrammable. Such a good quote for a travel store.

I had no idea that the Prada shop in SoHo has a full-blown skatepark inside of it. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas was responsible for designing this store and I think it turned out really cool (although this pic doesn't show it).

After strolling around SoHo we headed to the Meatpacking District and walked a bit of the High Line.

And then went to check out the Biennale at the Whitney, which I was a bit disappointed with if I'm honest!

I do love the Whitney building, and I love this view.

The only kind of diet that matters really. 

At night we went to Lovely Day for dinner. I usually love this spot but the waitress was really bad and the food and drinks mediocre (Sorry I feel like I'm being so negative about everything but I need to be honest!)

Matchy matchy. Not too hard if you're always wearing black ;)

The next day we had an excellent little breakfast at the tiny Pause Café. We had two big açaí bowls, which was bit ambitious (just order a small one!) But they were delicious, and everything on the menu sounded good (sandwiches, smoothies, juices etc.) 

After that very filling brekky we walked it off by walking to Williamsburg, where we walked around and checked out some shops. I really like Madewell, I wish we had it in Europe too! 

The William Vale Hotel has a really great terrace downstairs with grass and a great view. We just chilled in the sun for a little while. I really love that relaxed Williamsburg vibe.

For lunch we headed to Five Leaves, but since it was a bit of a wait we went next door to Sauvage to drink something. This place makes you feel like you're in Cuba or something. 

We had lunch at Five Leaves. I took the avocado toast and Gemma ordered the pancakes, which I helped her finish (they're HUGE)

After that we headed back to Manhattan and stopped at the Union Square Farmers market. 

I love the look of coeur de boeuf tomatoes. So fat, plump and so ugly it becomes beautiful.

There's a nice little palm tree pavilion next to the market. A little beachy/jungle feeling in the middle of the city!

I showed Gemma a little Mews which reminds me so much of London. I don't think she was too impressed since the London Mews are the prettiest!

Washington Square Park, a must for any NY visit.

We continued our walk (yes we walked a TON that day, our feet were dying) to the 9/11 Memorial and the Oculus shopping center. 

The Beekman Hotel is a hotel that recently opened in the Financial District (you might remember it from the Ralph Lauren show last fashion week). The building is really cool, and there's a very nice bar/restaurant.  We wanted to sit down for a drink but didn't have time unfortunately. 

Our last tourist destination for the day: Brooklyn Bridge! We were so exhausted at this point, but we still managed to smile for the picture!

After a quick change and shower at home, we headed out for dinner. I took this pic of Gemma because I thought she looked super pretty and happy! 

We met some new friends for dinner at Baita, the restaurant on top of Eataly Flatiron. I was super disappointed with both the service and food, so I don't think I'll be coming back here. It's a shame because I loved the beachy set-up!

After dinner, we played a few games of ping pong at Spin, which was super fun! It's really nice concept, and something different than just going to a bar/club. 

After ping pong it was time for some dancing, so we went to Paul's Baby Grand and ended the night at Paul's Casablanca. My two favorite places! 

The next morning I finally got to try Chobani. I walk past this place nearly every single day, but never tried it. Chobani is a yogurt brand so naturally most things on the menu are yogurt-based. I had a simple yogurt with granola, raspberries and mango. And a fresh orange juice on the side (one of the cheapest I've had in New York). It's a good place for a quick, cheap but healthy breakfast! And La Colombe is right next door, in case you want some good coffee too.

I actually don't remember what we did the rest of the day, but in the afternoon we went to my friend's rooftop in Williamsburg. She has one of the best views you can have!

We headed back quite early because I would be running the half marathon the next day. We ended up looking for a place for ages to have pasta, everything was full. So we ended at Pepe Rosso To Go, which is always tasty.

The next morning I woke up at 5 to get ready for my half-marathon. I left sleeping Gemma and went to Central Park for the big race. To read about my whole experience, check this post

I made it! I was pretty pleased with my official time, 1:45:44. Not bad for my first half marathon!

After a well-deserved shower we headed to Banter, one of my favorite Australian places for brunch. I had a healthy salad bowl and a side of sweet potato fries. So delicious!

The weather was kind of grey so we went to the Guggenheim Museum after brunch. I hadn't been yet and I loved it! It's one of the best museums I did in New York. I love both the building and the art.

How beautiful are these golden water fountains? 

A nice Piet Mondrian. The MoMa has a really similar one (I posted both on Instagram, here and here, spot the differences).

Frank Lloyd Wright did a pretty neat job!

After the Guggenheim, we walked by the Met, which was being all done up for the Met Gala. Unfortunately, our invites got lost in the mail! (haha not)

The majestic magnolias at the Frick in bloom.

Gemma took me to a beautiful store called Five Story. It's the kind of shop where you want to buy it all, but the pricetags bring you straight back to reality. A girl can dream!

Because we were in a window-shopping mood we then headed to Chloé and Barney's. I love these Chanel sneakers.

We also stopped by the 1Hotel near Central Park, which is very much focused on adding natural elements. I like it even if it's a bit overdone.

By this point, I had run/walked more than 37 kilometers in one day, so a nap was highly needed. Gemma woke up me up for pizza. Couldn't say no to that. Pasquale Jones makes the second best pizza I've had in New York (after this one).

The next day we took it easy because my legs hurt like hell, so I walked like a 90-year-old. We started the day with a yummy breakfast at Café Henrie.

We then decided to walk uptown (and my plan of taking it easy went down the drain). We stopped at ABC Carpet & Home, which is a must for interior lovers. Their kid's party section is the best, everything is so adorable!

I had never been to the Public Library before which is a real shame because it's one of New York's most beautiful buildings and you can visit it for free. It's really worth a visit. 

Definitely not posing in front of the library.

Since Grand Central was nearby we also decided to stop there, since Gemma had never been.

I can't help thinking about Gossip Girl every time I come here!

We picked up some lunch at Sweetgreen, where I noticed more than 40 salads sitting on the counter, ready for pick-up (you can order in advance through the app). Apparently, there had been a 30-minute delay in orders at lunch time, so people didn't pick up their salads on their lunch break. So the Sweetgreen guy told us to take as many salads as we wanted (we only knew this after we had already bought our own salads). So that's how we ended up paying for two salads and getting four for free, crazy!

My go-to Sweetgreen order: kale, brown rice, mushrooms, beetroot, sweet potato, basil and tortilla chips.

I love this neon sign at Lou & Grey on 5th Avenue.

The glorious Empire State!

Around sun set we headed up the Rockefeller Center to the Rainbow Room bar to check out the view. It was my first time going up to a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan, and I was very impressed. The sad part was that we couldn't go on the terrace because there was too much wind, so I must come back here!

At night we went to Morgenstern's for some of New York's best ice cream. I can never decide which flavor I should I get!

I got peanut butter and Gemma had green tea pistachio. Both super delicious.

The next day we took it even easier and mostly stayed in my area, checking out shops. Mansur Gavriel is one of the prettiest shops in SoHo. Very millennial pink. And I'm mostly obsessed with their special selection of flowers, even though it's a shoe and handbag brand.

Another shop with amazing flowers: Ulla Johnson. Almost every time I walk by I take a picture of the flowers, which I probably already mentioned in my last post.

Our final brunch took place at Two Hands, another excellent brunch spot. I love the food here and they make the best flat white in the city. 

We also shared a piece of their famous banana bread with mascarpone and buckwheat crunch topping. When I took my first bite, I understood why it's famous. So. Freaking. Good. Order this when you go to Two Hands, you won't regret it.

Overthrow is the boxing gym I go to. They're pretty clear about what they think about their president... I think most New Yorkers (and the rest of the world) can't wait for these four years to be over.

We stopped at Aurélie Bidermann to check out the beautiful jewelry, and Aurélie herself was there too! So cool and such a coincidence. I fell in love with this ring, what do you think?

Because the weather was amazing this whole week, we took some Sweetgreen salads to the Hudson River and sat down at Pier 45 for a picnic. 

In pursuit of magic in NYC :)

For Gemma's last dinner in New York I took her to my favorite restaurant Charlie Bird. Funnily enough, we sat right next to Pascale Naessens, who I'd seen at an event a week before. 

I had the best week with my friend. When someone's visiting you do so much more than usual, and I discovered a lot of new things as well! Check out the map I made with all the places we did. 

I'm still catching up on these New York posts, so stay tuned for the next one, very soon!

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