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Spring has officially sprung in New York! It took some time, but the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and we've had the first hot days in the city. I spent quite a few days exploring Brooklyn and used the good weather as an opportunity to go for a couple of sunset runs along the Westside Highway. Keep on reading if you want to see what I discovered in New York in the last two weeks!
New York Diary

The last week of March was pretty bad in terms of weather. It rained a lot which was ideal in a way because we had to work on a big project for uni. And it was the perfect excuse to on a nice little breakfast date with my flatmate!

The squirrels in Washington Square Park also weren't very impressed with the weather.

Although I can't really justify buying books in New York (I need to bring everything back to Belgium in a few months), I love browsing bookshops. This is at McNally Jackson, a nice bookshop on Prince St. 

I went into ABC Carpet & Home for the first time since I had to get a birthday card. I love these little flower vases, super cute and delicate. This shop has some amazing homeware stuff and gifts! 

My own salad combo at Sweetgreen: kale, red cabbage, broccoli, sweet potato, mushrooms, tortilla chips and a cashew dressing. Love this place so much. 

I don't see nice oldtimers very often in New York, but I've spotted this cool Mustang a couple of times now. Fits perfectly in New York!

I love late night workouts when the gym is empty and you have all the space in the world. I fell back in love with my Nocs earphones, the sound is the best. 

Met a friend for a quick lunch at Baby Brasa, a tiny Peruvian place. They're opening a bigger location in the West Village very soon, around 7th Avenue and Perry St. 

Sunday in Williamsburg. I love this area a lot, with its cute shops, bakeries, and restaurants. I'll write a little Williamsburg guide soon! 

It was a beautiful day so the whole of New York was out brunching. 

We went to Five Leaves to finally try those famous pancakes. And yes, they're some of the best pancakes I've ever had, mmm..

I love how they display the fruit & vegetables in the U.S. For a slight OCD person like me this is heaven. So neat!

Sitting by the water in Williamsburg, it's the best. Can't wait for warmer summer days because it can get very windy and a bit chilly.

After walking around in Williamsburg all day I went home and decided to for a 16K sunset run. The temperature was perfect for it and I can't get enough of those sunsets over the Hudson River. 

If you watch Casey's vlogs you might recognize this place. It's a garage on the Westside Highway where there are only nice cars, both old and new. I'm always trying to peek inside to see what they're currently fixing. I spy a nice Mustang! 

On Monday I woke up early and worked for uni all morning. It was a beautiful day so I went to Madison Square Park and treated myself to a Shakeshack mushroom burger. I was good and skipped the fries (they're not that good anyway)

One of the best vegetarian burgers I know!

The Flatiron building looking flawless as always. It's probably one of my favorite buildings in New York.

As you know, I love Baron Von Fancy's street artwork. His work is all over the city and I happened to spot two works in one morning, both in Soho. 

The second one, on Canal St and 6th Avenue. But I saw that it has already been replaced by a new ad. 

Cortados and inspiring books at Joe's Coffee inside the Cadillac House. 

Went for another advanced boxing class at Gotham, super tough but so fun. I saw the following morning that Bella Hadid was going there, ahhh!

After a rainy week, it was time for clear blue skies... 

... although it's still New York, so you can never count on the weather to stay constant. The picture below was taken less than an hour after I took the picture above.

I'm still not really used to the subway system here but I'm getting better at it. I try to walk to most places though so I don't rely on the subway too much.

Every storefront, every corner of every street, every sign in New York is photogenic. I take a ridiculous amount of pictures every day, which explains the picture overload in this post. Hope you don't mind!

I met up with two high school classmates at Ippudo. I hadn't seen them in six years so we had a lot to catch up on! Although I'd heard many good things about Ippudo, I wasn't really blown away by it. The food is quite good but the restaurant is incredibly loud.

I had ramen with tofu, delicious but it lacked some spice (even after adding lots of Sriracha)

I left home early one morning before class so I had enough time to get a coffee at Banter and I even arrived 20 minutes early at uni. A miracle, I'm not the best with arriving on time, let alone early!

After class, we checked out the flower show at Macy's which is the kitschiest flower display I have ever seen. There was a circus theme and flowers in every imaginable color. 

After the flower show we got a quick lunch at INDAY, one of the best healthy lunch spots in Manhattan.

Together with a few girls, I went to House of Yes in Bushwick for an early party. It started at 6 PM and ended around 11 PM. It's quite a cool concept because you end up going home early so you're not tired the next day. It felt like such a typical New York experience, I can't think of any other city where this is "normal" haha!

Although there was a bit of a hippie vibe, the atmosphere was really great. People were super friendly and it was so much fun to dance with 300 other happy people. 

Because I decided to go to this party last-minute, I was so hungry when I got home. I made some smashed avocado crackers which tasted like heaven. 

Nolita street view. The red brick house is Overthrow and on the left, there's Quartino, a delicious little Italian restaurant. 

I had to take this photo at a café because it felt so typical American: 5 (!!!) different types of sweetener to add to your coffee. I never add sugar to my coffee, it kind of ruins it. 

Last Friday we went to see Galantis in concert with a big group. We met up before for some beer pong (again, so American, love it) 

The Galantis show was really good but SO short. I think they only performed for 1 hour and 45 minutes, which is crazy because all of Martin Garrix' show I've been to lasted twice as long. But we danced like crazy and went out after. 

My brother sent me this picture from home: a very green lunch made by my sister. It looked so beautiful and tasty, I wish I was there. It feels weird to be so far from home sometimes, I miss it! 

Cherry blossom season makes my heart swell with happiness.

Although I was super tired from Friday, I got myself out of bed on Saturday and walked to Williamsburg, where I would meet some friends. 

Williamsburg has a real "village" feeling which I like a lot. It's a nice escape from Manhattan's busy streets. 

We went to Smorgasburg, which is huge food market. One thing I'd been wanting to try for over a year were these truffle fries from Home Frite. And yes, they were as tasty as they look. Worth the wait! 

It was the second weekend of Smorgasburg, so insanely busy. We left after eating two things because the lines were just too long. 

There's a Mast Brothers chocolate factory in Williamsburg. Although I love the packaging of this chocolate, the chocolate itself is not very good at all and so expensive.

Sunday, the following day, my alarm woke me at 6 o'clock. I made a coffee and walked around in Soho to wake up a bit.

The reason why I woke up so early was because I ran a 10-kilometer race in Central Park. This is before the start, I was standing in the sun to warm up a bit when an older woman came up to me to ask if she could take a picture because I was standing there so nicely haha!

This was after: happy, sweaty and very tired. I definitely underestimated Central Park, it's much more hilly than I thought! I finished in 47:44, which is good considering the fact that I ran 10.3 kilometers (I was running on the outer part of the track the whole time). A good test before my half marathon in a few weeks! 

Central Park is so beautiful right now and it was the perfect morning for a run.

By 11 o'clock I was home again and ready to start the day. I'm not a morning person at all but this felt pretty damn good. After a shower + food I met some classmates in Queens at the MoMa PS1 museum. 

This room by Turrell was the only thing I really liked at the museum. We sat here in the sun for some time, super relaxing. 

I need this poster, it's perfect for me. 

After the PS1 we walked to Greenpoint where we spotted this incredible Easter decoration. So kitsch it was cool. 

My friend knows Greenpoint a bit better so she showed me some places, like this cute café place called Bakeri. 

There was a little market at The Greenpoint Loft which we checked out. We didn't find anything but it was cool to see this space. I think they often do events here, even weddings.

The rooftop of the loft has a very nice view over Manhattan. These moments always feel surreal, like we're in a movie. 

After leaving the loft we were looking for a place in the sun where we could have a drink. We accidentally discovered this amazing rooftop bar called Northern Territory. We called our other friends, who joined us. We stayed until the sun went down (and I also kind of froze haha). This place is perfect for summer days! 

My phone was dead but thankfully I now know Williamsburg well enough to find my way home. I can't wait to spend more summer days here.

I hope you enjoyed this little New York recap of the past two weeks. Time is flying so I'm trying to make the most of every single day here! 

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