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It's been a couple weeks since I made a New York diary, for the simple reason that I left New York over spring break I've only been back in the city for 10 days. Just enough time to make enough pictures for a new NY recap! These last two weeks have been all about ticking more places off my to-do list, half-marathon training and going back to healthier habits after my indulging week in Vermont
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Snowy New York from above! I kind of hope now that this is the last time we get snow, I'm so ready for warmer weather.

The second I came back to NY after Vermont, I unpacked my bags and went for a long run along the Westside Highway. It still feels surreal to run here.

On Monday I went to get a coffee at De Maria and get some work done. It's a nice and peaceful space (except during weekends!) and they have wifi. The coffee isn't that great, though.

After eating a lot of fried food in Vermont, I really felt like eating healthier food. So I went to Trader Joe's, bought a lot of groceries and made this warm farro, kale and Brussels sprout salad. I love farro so much, can't believe I only 'discovered' it now. 

It's time for anemone season, one of my favorite spring flowers. 

I love everything about De Maria, but especially the design of the whole restaurant. It's sleek but they still managed to add some fun details without it being 'too much'. 

Claudette just has the perfect set-up outside for a lunch alfresco. From the second it gets warm enough again to sit outside, I want to go here!

Let's be honest, it's not.

Union Square Market is one of the only markets I know here in Manhattan. I do miss places like Viktualienmarkt in Munich and Borough Market in London. There's nothing better than walking around a market on a Sunday. 

I hadn't had avocado toast in two weeks so it was about time I had one. This one from Dudley's was actually really perfect, one of the best ones I've had.

The weather was amazing that day so outside at Dudley's there was a man reading this book, which looked so blissful. It made me want to do the same thing!

I spotted this flower arrangement in a store window, isn't it beautiful? I love the soft faded pastels, especially the faded orange sweet peas. It almost looked like a painting.

Getting some work done in the sun at Café Henrie. Their espresso machine was down so instead they gave me one of the worst coffees I've had :( I still like this place, especially their avocado toast.

Strolling around in Soho.. 

Probably my favorite corner in Soho, on Prince St and Greene St. I can't help taking photos everytime I pass (at least when it's sunny/snowy). Find proof here, here, here and here haha!

I came home from a class late one night and it was freezing cold outside, so I just felt like eating a really good pasta. My ultimate comfort food. I picked up a penne a l'arrabbiata at Pepe Rosso To Go. Tasty but nothing I couldn't make at home. But it's pretty good value and perfect for when you don't feel like cooking. It takes less than 10 minutes and they have a lot of 'specials'. Not so many vegetarian options which is the main downside for me!

Went for another boxing class at Gotham Gym. I really like it because the groups are not too big and the class is very intense. 

Nike had (has?) a pop-up store on Grand St. for their new Air Max shoe. Jonboy was tattooing people there all week. Basically every celebrity has been tattood by him. And although I don't think I'd ever get a tattoo, I really like what he does. (check it out)

I love the sunset in New York and the fact that you can see both the One World Trade Center and The Empire State Building on either sides of my street. 

After getting a two-week trial and a lot of one-day trials at other places I finally signed up for a gym. I'm still using Classpass so I can go boxing and now I can also go to the gym!

Finally got around to trying Wildair, a restaurant that I'd been wanting to go to forever. Because my friend is not a vegetarian, we decided to order lots of small dishes including some with fish. I don't mind eating fish but only if it's really good quality, which was definitely the case at Wildair. This is probably one of the best places I've been to in New York.

We tried 5 different dishes which are all excellent. The food is seriously incredible here! My favorites were the crispy grain salad, skate with mushrooms and the persimmon stracciatella salad. They also have a pretty good wine list. The restaurant was packed so we had to wait for 40 minutes, so we went to have a drink nearby. You can't make reservations, so I wouldn't recommend coming here with more than two people. 

I went for a quick evening run one day, and the sunset was so beautiful. I think I took at least 30 pictures. 

Some of my friends study at NYU so they can get me a visitor's pass for the library. The view from the 10th floor is probably one of the best views you can get from a university library, I love it!

I'm obsessed with the tiled marble floor inside NYU's Bobst Library. I want this in my home when I grow up! 

Sweetgreen is still one of the best places to go to if you're feeling like eating something healthy. The price is really reasonable (around $10) and it's always delicious. 

Tried this cool hoodie at Zara, which looks a LOT like a jumper from H&M from a few years ago. 

A lot of stores have these boards outside, can you tell?

I finally got around to trying Happy Bones coffee, which is known to serve some of the best coffee. I think I've found the best iced latte in town: iced latte with oatmilk. And the best part is that the oatmilk is from Oatly, the milk brand I always drink in Belgium. You can't buy Oatly in NYC but they serve it at some coffee places. It's sooo good in an iced latte!

My outfit on a warmer day, ripped jeans, Stan Smiths and a leather jacket. It was a little windy so I still had to wear a scarf. Come on spring we need you here.

A fun store for original gifts and New York souvenirs is Fishs Eddy on Broadway. They have crockery with cool or funny designs. The Trump cup made me giggle.

At Union Square Market they have ALL kinds of different potatoes, some of which I've never even seen.

I found new favorite spot, The Ace Hotel. They have a huge lobby where you can work on your laptop. In the entrance you're greeted by this cute flower set-up.

Perfect work spot! 

After a couple hours of work, I grabbed a very late lunch/early dinner at INDAY, an Indian inspired bowl-place. All the bowl combinations sounded amazing so I just asked the guy to make me his favorite. 

My "Green Glow" bowl had chickpeas, quinoa, beetroot, salad, crunchy radishes and lentil crispbread. 

I promised my friend to make a huge Sunday brunch, so I went to get all the groceries the night before. I can't remember the last time I had to buy eggs, bacon and sausages in the store?!

It took me 1.5 hours to make this brunch, but I was pretty pleased with the result. Doesn't it look perfect? I've missed cooking like this. Obviously it was way too much food for two people but luckily three more people joined in the end to polish it off. 

The grapefruit from Trader Joe's was so juicy and sweet, mmm. 

My plate! 

I often book a boxing class on Mondays to start off the week right, and this week it was time to go back to Overthrow. I really like the classes here, so so so intense. I was really sore the day after, so it was a good workout;) 

Daffodils to brighten up a rainy Monday. 

Dolce & Gabbana currently has a super kitsch cat theme going on in store. Super cute!

I like the combination of the terracotta buildings with the yellow cabs, works so well together. This is on the corner of the Corner Bistro, which is La Esquina downstairs (a "hidden" Mexican restaurant I still need to try)

Tuesday was another rainy day (actually it was raining most days this week), so I joined some friends at The Frick Collection, a really cool museum which houses a private art collection. The collection is very impressive and the building itself is also really nice to see.

Current exhibition: J. M. William Turner. This is a painting of the port of Antwerp, home sweet home.

On my way back home, I spotted the perfect summer dress at Chloe. The yellow trend is starting to grow on me.

Upper East Side entrances are so pretty. I should come explore this area more often, and also go to Central Park more! I'm never there but I think I will once the weather starts getting better so we can have picnics there and eat yogurt on the steps of the MET (naaah just joking about that last part).

Greecologies is a little Greek yogurt place which just opened a second location in the East Village. I really like the simple interior here, and I was told that the interior designer made those art works himself in the backyard. I like it! I had a tzaziki bowl here which was really delicious.

My friend Charlotte had her 23rd birthday on Wednesday so we started the day with a birthday brunch at Café Cluny.

I usually don't post pictures of other people very much (respecting their privacy) but this one is so cute and happy I just had to share it. This is part of our group, and we've all been studying together since last August, and travelled together to both Brazil and New York. 

At night Charlotte wanted to go to Rubirosa so we were only happy to oblige. Even if we had to wait an hour before we could get a table. The pizza is so so so so so good. But the service this time was actually really bad unfortunately. 

Love this view!

Birch Coffee just opened this week on Houston St so I went over to test it. Their Marzocco machine is so beautifully designed! I also like the little personalized cups, and the coffee is very good. A nice new addition to my neighborhood.

On Thursday and Friday I was feeling really sick all day so I took it easy, did uni work and watched a lot of Netflix. I've been watching Stranger Things which I don't really like so much and yesterday I watched half of the first season of 13 Reasons Why, which I like better. The fridge was almost empty so I made some pasta and added all of my leftover ingredients: broccoli, baby kale, parsley, peas and half an avocado. It was actually pretty good.

I'm still not 100% cured but I want to do some fun things this weekend. Tomorrow's supposed to be 16 degrees which will be nice! Since I only ran once this week I definitely need to go for a long run tomorrow. That half-marathon is fast approaching, 29 days to be exact. Have a nice weekend! 

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