Monday, April 3, 2017

Brunch at Dudley's | New York

I had been to Vermont and hadn't seen an avocado all week. My friend went to Mexico and avocados were all she ate all week. But since I was craving a good avo toast and you can never have too much avocado, we met for an avo-infused brunch at Dudley's. I had heard rumors along the lines of "Best avocado toast in the city", so as self-proclaimed avocado-toast-experts, we had to see it with our own eyes, or taste with our own tastebuds in this case. (I wonder how many times one can say avocado in one blogpost?) 

It was in between breakfast and lunchtime when we met at Dudley's, on a weekday, so getting a table was quite easy. It's located on a corner in the middle of the East Village. If you happen to have to wait for a table, you can go right across the street to Stumptown for a coffee! 

Although the pancakes looks UNREAL here, I had already set my mind on the avocado toast. The menu is a pretty nice all-day brunch menu with healthier dishes and less virtuous options. 

As you know, I love it when my food looks pretty. You eat with your eyes too! So I was more than please with the presentation of my toast. A thick slice of multigrain toast with a whole smashed avocado on top, with salsa verde, cherry tomatoes, chives, hemp seeds, chili flakes and watermelon radish. I love the addition of salsa verde, it makes things a little more interesting. This is one to recreate at home!

My friend took the same thing with an extra egg and sausages. 

The weather was actually good enough to sit outside, which we should have done. The only thing I didn't like at Dudley's was the smell, I think because the kitchen doesn't have a good ventilation system. I hate smelling of food when I walk out of a restaurant, so next time I'll definitely sit outside like this guy. 

Dudley's also has a cute take-away counter where you can get roasted chicken, salads, sandwiches, cakes and coffees. 

Overall, this is a pretty solid brunch spot in New York. It has all the classic options, and everything looks delicious. I just found out that it's Australian, which explains a lot. Aussies definitely make the best brunches. The price/quality is also really good! I didn't expect to like this place as much as I do. I love these kinds of discoveries. And avo toast is always a good idea. 

>> 85 Orchard St

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