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Time for a recap of the first couple days of March. I spent a couple of days at The Armory Show, start my half-marathon training, had a lot of tasty Italian food, had my first ice cream in NY and it snowed again! 

We got treated to some nice spring days this month already. I really can't believe how lucky we've been with the weather so far! No rain, only sunny days.

I went to The Armory Show on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So it pretty much feels like I spent a whole week here haha! But the good thing is that every day was very different and as galleries sold artworks, they were replaced with "new" works.

I met two friends at Quartino for dinner, a very cozy and quaint little Italian restaurant which serves more "healthy" Italian food. They have a lot of gluten-free and vegan options. We took the dessert sharing platter and I loved the walnut cake and chocolate cake!

The view from the Chelsey Piers was almost more beautiful than some artworks ;) 

I really loved the work from Julian Charriere.

On Friday I spent 5 hours at the show, so I really needed some La Colombe coffee to refuel.

Fontana, my favorite.

This Anish Kapoor was cool but gave us a huge headache because of the reflection.


Sweet peas are one of my favorite summer flowers but I'd never seen this peachy shade before. So beautiful! I definitely need those in my flower garden this summer. 

This work from Jeppe Hein was super popular on social media, just like his balloons. How cool is it to have this at home, instead of a plain mirror for example!

Byebye! Had a blast at The Armory and I can't wait for the next art show, like Frieze and Tefaf in New York.

After spending a big part of the day I decided to walk home, about an hour. It was freezing cold but the fresh air felt so good. I walked over the High Line, through Chelsea and the West Village, some of the best places to walk around if you ask me.

Sunset on fire at the Whitney. 

On Friday night we celebrated a friend's birthday at Morandi, a super busy and cozy Italian restaurant in the West Village. We shared a bunch of starters before. The burrata was amazing!

I had a pici al limone for my main course. Although I love pici, I didn't think this dish was very special. I missed some spices or fresh herbs? A kind of a let-down after the tasty appetizers, but I think I just chose the wrong dish.

Spotted these incredible spring flowers in Washington Square Park. I really can't wait for spring to start for real so that all the flowers come out and the trees start to grow leaves. I can imagine NYC looking even better then!

The Cadillac House is a perfect work spot. There's good Joe's coffee, plenty of tables and very comfy couches. And wifi ofc. 

As you know my usual coffee order is a flat white, but lately, I've been getting into cortado's, which is stronger than a flat white with less milk. So good.

After finishing an assignment for school, I decided to take a nice long walk at sunset. But it was one of the coldest days I've experienced so far, -2 degrees and extremely strong winds. I got a brain freeze just from being outside, it was very unpleasant. The pictures are deceiving :) 

New day in NYC! I love seeing fun tiled floors, I spotted this one in a shop's entrance on my way to uni. 

Morning walks in Soho have become a little ritual, before I go to uni or before I start my day. 

I also love walking into Dean & Deluca but I usually don't buy anything because it's so damn expensive haha. The best thing I've tried here though is the blueberry muffin.

Discovered Canal Street Market one day, an indoor retail market with little "shops" inside. The "food market" section should open later this spring so I'm looking forward to that! 

My dad sent me this picture of my little Nocho, miss her so much! Have to wait until July to see her again, so long..

I made one of the best brekkies: banana pancakes!! It's the first time that I made them in New York and I definitely need to do it more often, it's so tasty. This time I mixed one banana, some oats, almond milk and cinnamon. Fried them in coconut oil and served them with some banana slices, rasperries and peanut butter. Find my "real" banana pancake recipe here.

Tried another boxing gym though Classpass: Work Train Fight, also WTF. I didn't like it as much as Overthrow and Gotham, it was really busy, we didn't box inside the ring and there wasn't so much technique at all (mostly shadowboxing and then cardio/strength exercises).

After my class, I went to Sweetgreen for a healthy dinner. This is the portobello taco bowl and it's the best one I've tried so far. I love Sweetgreen so much, we need this in Belgium!! 

I remember The Strand from the Gossip Girl books, so I was happy to finally go there in person. It's just a giant bookstore where you could get lost for hours. And probably leave with at least one book. But since I just started reading a new book, I didn't buy any new ones. 

I love blood oranges so I bought a bag before the season's over. These were so dark and had a deep red juice, so beautiful. 

As you might have read, I signed up for a half-marathon in April, so I urgently had to start training. I'm not a big runner so I really needed a goal to work towards. And now that spring is kind of here it's actually really nice to get outside and run.

And the views from the Westside Highway are incredible..

What to do when you miss London? Get a cookie at Ben's Cookies! It actually wasn't as good as I remembered, sadly.

During my second training, and third run in New York (ever), I ran into Casey Neistat! How lucky!

The West Village is so cute and lovely, I just love walking around this neighborhood. 

I met the girls for brunch at The Standard Grill, I'll post the review soon!

Because it was so nice out, my friend and I decided to try a Big Gay ice cream. Very tasty at the beginning but a bit too much for me. But still a nice treat on this warm day.

Iced latte + finshing out last assignment before Spring Break at Suprema, a very cozy little spot on Bleecker St./6th Ave. 

The day after this warm spring day, New York surprised us with yet another snow storm! It wasn't that cold so the snow didn't really stay, but it still looked pretty.

The only thing you can do on a snow day? Stay warm inside and eat something tasty, like these avocado sandwiches from MUD in the East Village!

Love this quote, it's so true.

After our long brunch we headed to the New Museum for the Raymond Pettibon exhibition. It was pretty good, although I didn't like all of his drawings. 

Once we got out of the museum, the snow had cleared and the sun started shining again, as if the snowstorm never happened.

New York weather is the craziest I've ever experienced for sure. It keeps things interesting ;)

As a little "goodbye" dinner before the break, I went to Gelso & Grand together with my classmates. We played the game "this or that" where you need to choose between two impossible things which made us laguh all night! The food wasn't anything special but the restaurant is nice and perfect for larger groups.

Before leaving the city for the break I went for one last evening workout. I love working out at night and I think I've found a gym that I like! Although some people hate gym workouts I kind of like it, especially when I have enough time to do it, like this night. 

My next diary will not be from NY for once, but from Stowe, Vermont! My days are quite full here so I'm not sur when the next post wil be up so bear with me. 

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