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I can't believe it's already March, time is simply evaporating when you're in New York. I've been here for 6.5 weeks now and I'm finally starting to feel like local. Good news! Continue reading to see what I got up to in the last days of February; mostly roaming the streets of New York and trying new restaurants, caf├ęs, etc!

When I walked by De Maria, I knew I had to go back soon to try out this new spot. It seems to be crazy popular already, and I hope they will start serving dinner soon as well. Okay I might seem like I'm sponsored by them but I'm not, I'm just really enthusiastic about these kinds of new spots!

This is 100% the kind of food I love. A bowl filled with raw and cooked vegetables and grains, packed with flavor and color. For me there's no better kind of food than this. I'd happily eat this every day for the rest of my life. 

I can't get enough of these NYC views, and this blue sky. I've noticed that it rains much less often here compared to Belgium, which is a big big plus. 

I've had this Antigona bag for 4 years now and I kind of use it with ups and downs, even though it's still my favorite bag ever. It's convenient because it's so big and it fits my laptop + camera, but the size also makes it inconvenient sometimes. So I usually use it when I'm carrying a lot of stuff.

I've been living in this combo ever since I got it. Both the jacket and hoodie are from Topshop, and it's just such a snuggly combination. I've decided to wear more color and this is a good first step! (click for hoodie + jacket)

Met some friends at Gotan for a quick lunch. They were in town for a couple of days so I gave them lots of recommendations. This beetroot salad was really delicious and filling!

After lunch I decided to stick around for a couple of hours before my evening class. To re-energize I had a giant chocolate cookie and a cold brew coffee. Enough to keep me going all afternoon.

For a uni project, we had to do market research at Whole Foods which is the best thing ever because we're all obsessed with Whole Foods. We looked at how brands use language and how products are marketed. Mast does a great job, their packaging is so nice.

After my classes, I got a Citybike and biked all the way up the Westside Highway. it was really warm outside and I wanted to enjoy the sun a bit. 

I left my Citybike near the start of the High Line at 34th st. I guess the person after me was pretty lucky since the bike station was completely empty apart from my bike. 

I love the High Line so much so I go there often around sunset. The plants and flowers remind me of home, so being here makes me calm and relaxed. And the views are pretty unreal!

I've was pretty sick the last few weeks and it was only getting worse despite my extra vitamin and healthy food intake. The problem with being so far away from home is that you can't simply go to the doctor (it also costs a fortune here) or let your mom take care of you, so this meme I found was very relevant haha!  

When I'm not going out for dinner I always cook some food at home and rarely get takeaway, but last week I really felt like having a calm night in with Netflix and good food, so I got some takeaway from my favorite vegan spot ByChloe.

My go to order is the guac burger with sweet potato fries, so yummy and kind of healthy since the fries are air-baked and the burger is made from quinoa. 

I found some very sparkly boots at Steve Madden's sale and I couldn't resist getting them (60% discount). I thought about it for a day and decided that sparkly shoes were a sensible addition to my wardrobe. What do you think?

On Thursday I planned to stay in and have a calm night, until some friends told me they'd go to Paul's Baby Grand. I love that place so I couldn't resist and went dancing for a couple of hours. 

New York is full of little photogenic spots. I don't think I've ever taken so many pictures in a city!

Last Friday's weather was REAL spring. I wore my culotte pants and sneakers and a light silk shirt. No jacket, no sweater. It felt incredible to be outside but I also had some work to do, so I took an iced latte at Saturdays at Perry St and sat outside with my laptop. 

After being absolutely unproductive, I decided to give up on work and join some friends for a drink in Williamsburg. I took the opportunity to use a Citybike again and biked across the Williamsburg bridge to Brooklyn. 

We met at Freehold which has a real Soho House vibe. There's a cafe, bar, restaurant, lounge area and a big outdoor space. It's the kind of place where you could stay all day, love it!  

On Saturday morning I worked a couple of hours at the new Le Pain Quotidien on Bleecker St. I think they did a very nice job! It's right on a corner so there's a lot of sunlight coming through the windows and they have good wifi. The service is still a bit spotty but I think it's because they've only just opened. 

On Saturday afternoon we attended a real American university basketball game, including cheerleaders, mascottes, dance-offs and lots of unhealthy snacks. Unfortunately our team lost but we still had fun.

Although our university campus in the center of Manhatten, the main campus is located in the Bronx. It was cool to get to see the actual university and feel the American-uni-vibe. 

On Sunday my flatmate and I went for breakfast together. On our way, we passed the cutest little Mexican restaurant called Lupe's. Must return here once the temperature rises again.

Tribeca is so peaceful and calm during weekends, I'm kind of starting to like this area.

Breakfast was a Maman in Tribeca and I feasted on these delicious matcha waffles with ricotta and berries.

Because I heard that Maman has some of the best cookies we shared a chocolate chip cookie after our breakfast. It was a bit overkill for me, all that sweet stuff. But the cookie was delicious.

After breakfast it was time to work for uni, and later in the day I walked around the West Village for a while. One of my favorite areas so far.

Although I ate quite healthily after breakfast, I still felt like I really needed to work out after all those sweets. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to test my new skipping rope. I love it, it's super light and easy. And it was really cheap for the quality. Get it here!

On Monday I walked around the Lower East Side and just went into random streets. Found this cute succulent shop. 

I also went to Essex St Market (an indoor food market) but wasn't very impressed to be honest. The fruit and veg isn't really cheaper than in the supermarket and many stalls were closed when I went. 

Baby Brasa is a tiny little Peruvian lunch and take-away spot. They're opening a new branch in the West Village soon (where Baron Von Fancy's new artwork is). In the East Village branch there's a poster by him which is so wrong but makes me laugh. 

On the very end of Prince St. there is a house which intrigues me. On the ground floor there are huge windows, and when you peek inside, it looks like a jungle...

See what I mean? It looks so cool and I wonder if it's someone's house or some kind of shop/gallery? Must find out! 

Got myself some fresh flowers, I'm getting spring vibes! 

In the evening it was time for another class at Overthrow. This time, I did the Underground class which is in in a dark basement with red light. It was super hot so ended up working out in my sports bra which I never do, but anything to cool off! it was super intense but so good.

Hey Times Square! I only come here when it's an absolute necessity, but it's actually not so crowded on weekdays. It's still way too tacky to spend a lot of time there. 

I stopped by Eataly at the Flatiron Building (remember the one in Munich?). Everything looks so appetizing and tasteful here, I could basically spend all day inside this place. But I was strong and left with empty hands. But I don't think that will happen next time :)

I LOVE mushrooms so this kind of display makes my heart beat a little faster 

I went to Toby's Estate for a little pick-me up. They have some of the best coffee I've tried, and their 5th ave store is so beautiful.

The main reason why this Toby's is so cool is because there's a bookstore in the back. I'm not a huge "book person" but I found several books here which looked great. I ended up buying one "The Reason For Flowers", which I just started reading. 

The tastiest cortado in town. I sat down next to the flower stand (inside the bookstore, inside the coffee shop) and drank my cuppa while looking at some books. 

I decided to go to Trader Joe's late at night to avoid the queues but there was still a queue! It didn't matter, because some people before me brought their cat to do grocery shopping (!!!!) In New York, anything is possible and no one seems suprised.

Trader Joe's is the best supermarket here. They have quite unusual things for a supermarket, and their packaging is really nice! I haven't tried the toaster waffles but I felt like it was such an American thing so I decided to try it. The grains & nuts granola is absolutely delicious (and better than the Whole Foods granola!)

Hope you're all having a great weekend! x

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