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Time for another New York post. These seem to be popular so I'll try my best to keep it up! These are pictures I took between last Wednesday and this week Monday. The weather was incredible, so I walked around a lot (what's new), ticked some things off my to-do list and went to Brooklyn for the first time.
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Wednesday I only had class in the evening so I woke up really early to make the most of this beautiful day! I stayed with friends until this week and this was my view every morning. Breathtaking!

I walked over to the Financial District through Chinatown...

And ended up at The Brooklyn Bridge, which I heard is best to visit early in the morning. I'd never been here before so naturally, I took hundreds of pictures. 

You might have seen this picture on my Insta already. I'm kind of proud of it! I didn't time it or anything, but the sun was exactly in the middle of the bridge when I walked towards Brooklyn. In this kind of moments, I'm so grateful and happy to be here in this city (cheesy but true).

Looks are deceiving because although the sun was shining brightly, it was freezing cold. So I hurried back to Manhattan for a coffee at Integral. 

After my long walk, I stopped by Russ & Daughters for a bagel. This place has been around for 125 years and time seems to have stopped here. I don't think I've ever seen such an authentic deli. Every New Yorker knows this place because they make the best lox bagels in the city. They do different types of fish and caviar as well! The deli/shop/takeaway is on 179 E Houston and the café is at 127 Orchard St. 

I had one with horseradish cream cheese only but maybe next time I'll try a proper lox bagel. It's a cheap and delicious breakfast/lunch, and I've seen a lot of people getting bagels here and eating them somewhere in the sun. 

Gotta love neon signs, especially if they're very relatable ;) Some people seem to pay very close attention to what they eat here and some people do the opposite, everything in extreme.

The flatiron building at sunset. Funnily enough, the first time I walked around in this area I was looking for the Flatiron building but didn't see it. Turns out I walked right past it because I was walking North! 

After a late class, we headed to Shake Shack for our first Shack burger. I had the mushroom burger which was actually really good! I wasn't too impressed with the fries. I had already tried Shake Shack in London so I knew what to expect. I don't get the hype, but it's definitely better than McDonald's. 

Bowery at sunset!

Little messages on the street. Why thank you!

I went to the NoMo Soho hotel with two friends for a little snack. We shared two of these truffle flat breads. Mmmm I could eat this every day!

The restaurant at the NoMo is really nicely designed because it's super well-lit because of the greenhouse design. During weekdays it's very calm here, so it's not a rushed meal.

On Saturday I went to Boulton & Watt for brunch with a friend. We shared this massive plate of french toast (so good!) and a bowl of fruit with granola. Keeping things balanced ;)

Union Square Farmer's Market on Saturdays. There was one stall with all kinds of root vegetables, some of which I'd never even seen before. 

I can't wait for spring in New York, it must be so beautiful. I spotted these roses at Chelsea Market. The flower stand is amazing here.

In the evening I met with some classmates for dinner at Lovely Day, a cute and cheap Thai place. I took a green curry which was incredibly spicy, but everything was delicious. 

After a long shopping trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, K-Mart and The Container Store, we sat down for a cup of coffee at Epistrophy. It's a restaurant/café in Nolita which is super cosy, a little bit Parisian I'd say. 

Last week I also tried Café Gitane, where I had the avocado toast and a little bite of this waffle my friends were sharing. Although it's very popular among tourists, this place still feels very authentic, and the food is delicious.

On Saturday it was time for my first proper night out in New York. We headed to Brooklyn for a party at Output. Crazy crowded but fun!

And because this is New York, you'll never go to bed hungry after a night out ;) there are food trucks everywhere, at no matter what time of the day. 

On Sunday the sun was shining so I woke up early, determined to make the most of the day. 

I started with a walk in Greenwich Village, one of my favourite areas so far. 

I met a friend at Bar Pitti for a big plate of penne all'arrabbiata, my favourite! The food is very authentic Italian and really delicious, but the service isn't so great. Everything feels very rushed and not super friendly. 

We walked off our lunch and went to Washington Square Park, to watch the piano guy play. He's there every weekend if the weather permits. Once you sit down to listen, you don't really want to leave. Love it!

One way to tie your dog...

After Soho, we walked to the Whitney Hotel, where the view was absolutely incredible. Last time I was there it was super grey and cloudy. Such a difference!

Since it was really cold on Sunday, we sat down in the sun at Soho House with a warm cup of coffee (the iced tea was not for me, too cold!) I think we sat here for about an hour, facing the sun, eyes closed. It almost felt like we were in the mountains.

New Yorkers are crazy about dogs, so there are puppy stores all over the city. A shop full of tiny puppies which you can cuddle with, my heart melted! I will come here whenever I'm having a bad day. Instant happiness!

Although pictures are not allowed, I wanted to show you Earth Room, an art installation by Walter De Maria. It's 335 square meter room filled with earth. The installation has been here since 1977, which is almost had to imagine. It's in Soho (141 Wooster St) and admission is free. When you're there, walk over to 393 West Broadway to see another art installation called The Broken Kilometer. 

Although it may seem like all I do is eat out, I've also been making some basic meals at home, like this toasted bagel with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon.  

The view from my room was incredible, I miss it already! I moved to my new place on Tuesday. I'll show you pictures of my room once I've finished it. 

There's a jewellery shop Elizabeth St. which has a beautiful display with water and flowers every week. 

A typical New York view, I'm almost getting used to it.

I went to Sweetgreen for the first time and I think I've found a new favourite lunch spot. There are several Sweetgreens in the city, and all they do is salads. Huge, filling bowls of fresh salad. You can either make your own combination or choose a salad from the menu, kind of like SLA in Amsterdam. I had one with kale, brown rice, tofu and mushrooms.

I love the design of The Bowery Hotel, it's very different than the other buildings in the area and it looks impressive, especially with the sun setting. 

Last food spot of the week: Taïm. A simple and cheap falafel place. Nothing special, just fresh and tasty. 

Hope you still enjoy these posts! Now that I've found my SD card reader again I'll post some more restaurant reviews in the coming days. 

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