Wednesday, February 22, 2017

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow

New York is a photographer's paradise. Everything is photogenic, from the buildings to the people to the food. Even the simplest picture of a yellow cab driving by with the Flatiron building in the background looks great. You hardly need to make an effort to take good photos in New York, which also explains why there's an infinite amount of incredible NYC Instagram accounts. I've picked my 7 favourites for you today! 
7 NYC instagram accounts to follow

This is my number one favourite account right now. Viktoria lives in Williamsburg in the most adorable apartment and shares the best little brunch and coffee places. Her account is so pretty and inspiring!

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - Viktoria Dahlberg

I think I've talked about Bo's Instagram before. She's a Dutchie who's been living in New York for a couple of years. What you'll find on her account? Pictures of Bo with her cute dog Blue, girly brunch places, lots of flowers and New-York-proof outfits. 

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - Bo Sea of B

I only recently started following Marisel's account but it's one of my favorites already. Expect a lot of avocado toast, coffee and cool interior pictures. A very light and clean feed! (*pun intended*)

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - Breadbutternyc

This is not necessarily a New York account, but Baron Von Fancy is my favourite New York street artists, so I had to mention him. You'll see his work all over the city, usually humorous tongue in cheek quotes. I love the combination of the fun quote with the cool typography.

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - baron von fancy

Infatuation will tell you about all the best dishes and restaurants in New York. Get ready for some real food porn. I've been dreaming about the spicy rigatoni at Carbone ever since they posted this picture. Following this account leads to food envy and cravings, so don't tell me I didn't warn you. 

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - infatuation nyc

Maddie deserves A LOT more followers with her incredibly beautiful and tasty feed. She's even a bigger coffee lover than I am so thanks to her I know where to go for my caffeine fix. She also posts many pretty pictures of the city, and of course, I want to go to every brunch place she goes to. 

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - maddietsang

Last but not least, one account that every New Yorker follows: Overheard New York. These are little overheard conversations which are often hilarious. It's funny because it's real talk and pretty relatable sometimes! Anyone can send to this account so maybe one day I'll hear something funny enough to share. 

7 NYC instagram accounts to follow - overheardnyc

Please share with me your favorite NYC accounts! And don't forget to follow me @athenadb for your daily overdose of New York pictures #sorrynotsorry

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