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This New York diary is a little recap of my first weekend here. I walked a lot, ate a lot and saw a lot of the city. I hope you'll enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it!

Started my Friday at Abraço, which is supposedly one of New York's best coffee places.  

It's a small café which you could easily walk past without noticing if you didn't know where it was. A big downside for me was that they only have cow's milk here, which I no longer like the taste of. I ordered an espresso instead of a cappuccino and the barista was a bit rude about it, which made me feel a little out of place and uncomfortable. The espresso was one of the strongest I've ever had, like goosebump inducinly strong haha! 

I try to explore different areas in Manhattan, so I like to randomly walk about a bit. On Friday I went to Little Italy, which is right next to Chinatown. It's a couple of streets with Italian restaurants ONLY. Can't wait to try a few places here!

Met up with two of my German friends for brunch at Cafe Henrie. Such a lovely little place! I will write a review as soon as I can find my SD card reader (I can't get any photos from my camera to my laptop at the moment).

Friday night I had dinner with three Belgian friends at Sessanta, a really nice Italian restaurant. The food was really tasty and the interior is so nice there! We ended the night with some drinks at Soho House. 

The next morning I had an early breakfast meeting in Soho, which was completely quiet and deserted at this time of the day. 

This would probably be my number one street to live on, it's so cool.

We had breakfast at The Mercer Kitchen. The avocado toast was delicious (and slightly different thanks to the basil olive oil) but I'd say it's quite a small breakfast, especially if you skip the poached egg. The cappuccino was too milky (why do they add so much milk to the coffee??). 

We also shared an Açaï bowl, which is almost exactly how I like to make it. The consistency was perfect (not too runny) and there was peanut butter on top which I loooooove.

The sun made a tiny appearance on Saturday morning but then stayed away for the rest of the day. 

I walked to Greenwich Village and passed the beautiful Washington Square park.

I discovered that there's a NARS store on Bleecker Street. I think it's one of the only ones in the world? It's by far my favourite make-up brand!

I went for a run with a friend from Greenwich Village to The Financial District. A nice 7 kilometers, even though I had to stop a few times because I was so tired. Afterwards we got juices at Juice Generation. 

After a hot shower and a change I walked to the High Line. 

There are lots of galleries dotted around this area and I need to back to see a couple more. I found one where they had these huge works which were essentially city maps collages made from pictures of the city. Such a cool idea! Can you guess this city? 

I loved the High Line, even though the weather was super gloomy. I'll definitely come back on a nicer day. 

After walking the High Line I went to the Whitney Museum of American Art. I really liked it in terms of lay-out and also the different types of art they have here (photographic, video, paintings etc.)

There are various terraces on the Whitney which have beautiful views over the city. 

This was one of my favourites, a photograph of a folded Madonna poster by Anne Collier. 

After all that walking and running (I hadn't eaten anything since 9 AM) I was starving, so I walked to Artichoke which I heard is one of New York's best pizza places. 

Maybe I ordered the wrong thing (the classic artichoke pizza), but I wasn't really blown away by this. I ate the whole slice (which was actually massive) because I was so hungry, but I can't say that I loved it. It's nothing like Italian pizza, and I'm not very big fan of thick-crust cheesy American pizza.

After having walked nearly 32 kilometres in one day (I walk an insane amount here), it was time to warm up by the fireplace in Soho House on Ludlow.  

I nearly fell asleep on the couch but my friends were super hungry so we went for a very late dinner at Blue Ribbon. I didn't eat anything (thanks to the pizza), I only tried one avocado roll and had lots of green tea. But the sushi looked great!

On Sunday the weather still hadn't improved, although this beautiful view from my temporary home makes everything better.

My friend Anni arrived back in town so we went for coffee and a catch-up at La Colombe. I really love the almond flat whites here!

Check out her Insta for lots of dreamy NYC pictures.

Anni wanted a specific pair of sneakers so we did EVERY sneaker store on Broadway and around Soho. We didn't find them, but she showed me this cereal café inside the Kith sneaker store. You can just sit down here to have a bowl of cereal, how cool?

On Monday I didn't have class so I decided to see the MoMa. I first got a coffee at Ludlow Coffee Supply. The only downside about takeaway coffee here is that's it's so cold outside, so you're drinking an iced latte by the time you're finishing your cup. 

I randomly walked by Grand Central Station so since I'd never been, I went inside for a look. 

I always though Antwerp central station was kind of nice, but this is a whole different level. Super impressive!

I spent a good three hours inside the MoMa. I actually like doing museums alone a lot because you can go at your own pace and skip the art works which aren't your thing and spend more time looking a the works you DO like. Although I really liked the MoMa, I kind of preferred the Whitney museum, even though MoMa's collection is more impressive. 

The sales here are pretty good, so I went around to browse the shops a bit. I kind of liked these sneakers but they were still pretty expensive.

If you like neon signs, then New York is the place to be. There are neon sign literally in every shop window and restaurant. Some cooler than others ;) 

ByChloe, the all-vegan fast food restaurant, was on the top of my to-do list in New York. And it didn't disappoint! I will write a full review, but in the meantime, I can already say that I've been three times (totally going against my own "rule" of not going to the same place each time). It's SO good!!

Taco salad for lunch. So fresh & so clean!

I'm staying in the East Village right now, which is one of New York's coolest areas I think. There are lots of nice restaurants, bars and hotels here. I heard that Dirty French is a really great restaurant!

The bad thing of the last couple of days has been the horrible weather. Rain and wind like I've never seen before. But it's all worth it, especially if you spot an oily rainbow like the one below. 

I hope you're still enjoying my NY diaries!

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