Monday, October 3, 2016

September in pictures

September was a busy month, which explains why it was painfully quiet over here (a grand total of 4 posts, whoops). I fully started my master's program in marketing, and it's taking a lot of focus and especially long days at uni. Next to that I also took the nutrition exam which I had been studying for since June, I moved to the centre of Antwerp and I had my best friends from London over for a weekend. All that paired with fantastic Indian summer temperatures. Who else isn't ready for fall yet?

H&M's Studio Fall collection was launched in September, which is usually my favourite collection, but this time, I didn't find anything I loved! // I was so nervous for the nutrition exam. I studied loads but I still felt like I couldn't remember everything. It was so much!

Enjoying one of the last watermelons of the summer. This was definitely my most eaten fruit this summer. So fresh! // On September 3rd it was finally time to take the exam. I had this little Deliciously Ella energy ball before going in, and it must have helped because I got 90% on the exam! So happy with this, now I can call myself a certified nutritionist. Would you like to read a post where I talk some more about this self-study course? 

Since the exam was in Haarlem, we went to check out Zandvoort afterwards. I had heard good things about Ubuntu Beach, which is a really nice beach restaurant. I would love to go back to Zandvoort next summer!

Summer feelings! // Not a very summer proof outfit but hey ;) I love these polka dot pants, it feels like I'm wearing pyjamas. 

Poilâne sent me these back-to-school cookies, super cute and delicious! // Our family cat Puma is my favourite, he's so super relaxed and easy going. Every time I take him on my lap he just falls asleep. 

The upside of going to uni in the centre of town is that we get to try out some lunch spots whenever we have a longer lunch break. This time, we tried lunch at Coffee Labs. The food was delicious (soups and salads) but the service is quite bad and rude, especially considering the high prices.

Antwerp was feeling positively tropical last month. I don't think there's any brand which is more insta-friendly than Love Stories. // Antwerp is so beautiful in the sun!

Three of my best friends came over for a weekend! We helped prep for a party which included playing with the most beautiful dahlias I've ever seen.

My beautiful friends   // As an intro to the university we played a city game in Antwerp, to get to know the city better since most people from my uni are not from Antwerp.

I eat McDonald's a couple of times per year, and I'd never go there on my own initiative. I much prefer the Frituur (tastier and cheaper). And I noticed they don't even have any veggie options here in Belgium apart from fries. // I kind of love golden cutlery, even if it's a bit tacky. It looks so sleek! I need to find some of my own now.

The National Bank in Antwerp, such an iconic building. // Got this really tasty watermelon feta salad from Sébastien. The perfect meal for a hot day (I wish it was still this hot now!!)

Woké is a new place which opened near the central station. I had a late class one day so I literally had 5 minutes to grab some dinner before my train would leave. At Woké you can create your own noodle meal (or rice) by choosing the ingredients on an iPad and then the chef makes it within 5 minutes. It wasn't the tastiest meal but pretty good for "fast food" and super friendly service. // #ihavethisthingwithfloors ;)

Sunrise in Antwerp! I'm not an early bird but I can't be mad when it's the sun waking me up at 7 AM. // Dorset Cereals with banana and plump raspberries. Enjoying summer fruit for as long as I can. 

I spotted a new Domestique bakery in the centre of town (next to Verso). I'm definitely having a look this week, their bread is amazing if I remember correctly. // Lunch at Urban Wraps... well I actually didn't have anything since I brought my own lunch *cheater*

Coffee addict! I only drink maximum two coffees per day but it's hard to go a day without it. I even get a headache when I don't drink coffee sometimes, which is definitely not a good sign. But I've read so many articles that say that coffee is good for your health, as long as you don't drink too much of it. // Garden finds: curly kale, raspberries and dahlias! 

I was home alone on a Sunday so I treated myself to some banana spelt crêpes and a fresh grapefruit juice. And Biba kept me company, so cute!

Spent the afternoon removing weeds from the vegetable garden while trying to maintain my summer tan. Of course with an iced latte break in between the hard labour. // I was tempted to make some really unhealthy meal for myself but instead I was really good and make roasted butternut squash, quinoa with mushrooms and kale.

Sunset and 29 degrees in Antwerp. Spent this evening with my classmates and some rosé, couldn't be better.

Went for a really fast 7K in my new leggings which my mom brought me from London. There's nothing more motivating than new gear haha! // Sleeping beauty :)

I went to a housewarming and of course I had to make a little bouquet. I really love how it turned out. I usually wouldn't combine blue/purple and yellow but it works so well somehow. // I finally moved to Antwerp after looking for a place for one month. I love my new neighborhood!

Went for coffee with a clasmate to Cafématic, which is a super cute café. I saw some delicious food on the menu so I have to go back soon. // Morning walk to uni in the sun, there's no better start to the day. I've been listening to Elon Musk's biography audiobook, which I've been enjoying very much. It's super inspiring and I can recommend it to anyone, even if you're not into engineering, space or cars. 

I don't usually buy Vogue Man but when Martin Garrix is on the cover I have to. Shameless fangirl over here. I can't wait to see him again in a couple of weeks at ADE, who else is going? // It was Antwerp Coffee Week last week which meant free filter coffee at Caffénation. How lucky is it that I pass by there on my way to uni? ;)

Went for a trial at The Brick, which must be the most beautiful, fancy, high-tech gym I've ever been to. It feels like a five star hotel in New York! // Fashion people quotes haha

Summer breakfast VS winter breakfast. I can tell I'm in a breakfast transition period. I like eating both at the moment but I think soon it will only be porridge. It's my favourite breakfast in the winter. 

Baron at Marnixplaats in Antwerp is definitely my favourite place for a sundowner. I went there twice last week. But hey we have to enjoy the summer while it lasts right? // Dries Van Noten's SS17 collection is amazing again, but I loved the frozen flower installations even more. Azuma Makoto is a floral genius!

This might have been one of the last time it was warm enough for bare legs and a T-shirt :( I'm really into leopard for this fall. //  Sunset from the MAS, which we ran up as part of a 6km run in the city. 

I can't promise that October will be much better post-wise than September but I'll try my best!

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