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August in pictures

This is my second attempt at writing this post. I'm having all kind of tech issues today, including the accidental deletion of ALL my bookmarks and this post. This must be a Monday ;) Anyway, August was a great month! I was a little busy the past two weeks with the start of my master course and my nutrition exam, hence the delay of this post. Now that I've started uni again, I will have even less time for blogging. But I still have to tell you about several trips (way overdue posts on Australia and Bali) and recipes, so I'll try my utmost best to write some good content for you this month. 

Having pets is nice, but they're pretty useless about 90% of the time ;) 

I went to Knokke (Belgian coast town) on the first of August for a little getaway! Discovered the cutest shop called Cruise 16, which sells insta-worthy stuff only. I want it all!

Went to Simz next door for take-away lunch. Love how my skirt matched the floor there, blending in nicely! // Toasties and paninis on the beach, is there a better way to spend your Monday?

Glacier de la Poste makes some of the best ice cream in Belgium, so you can't skip this when going to Knokke. They have every flavour you can imagine!

Sketch is my favourite store in Knokke to browse around. The fall collections had just arrived when we went. I'm in love with the Valentino dress on the left!

Cutie little lemon car, driven by a little old man :) // A new Albert Heijn just opened in Knokke so as supermarket-lovers we had to go have a look. They sell all kind of special vegetables including the world's smallest tomatoes, cucumber and avocados. Love it!

Sleepy Biba. She might not be the friendliest cat, but she's for sure the cutest. // Eating my tiny cucumbers on the train, love these kinds of snacks.

Went back to Knokke on the weekend, where one of my closest friends joined me. I showed her around Knokke and she loved it! It's different to the beach towns in Spain she's used to, but I think she liked it. // There was a cool quote on the casino, which I'm sure was used as a background for MANY Instagram posts this summer.

My sister and I on a sunny day! You can tell who's been working and who's been on vacation all summer haha! // I've seen a lot of beautiful sunsets around the world, but somehow nothing beats the sunsets at the North Sea.

We were invited to a really fun Sports BBQ, which was basically a day filled with all kinds of sports activities such as volleyball, ping pong, tennis, swimming etc. and a barbeque in the evening. Super cosy and so much fun!

The day after we were all super tired, so we went to our favourite hang out on the beach and spent all day taking naps and swimming in the freezing sea. // Spotted a real-life emoji, how funny?!

Back in Antwerp, where I showed my friend around a bit. We stopped at Kaffeenini for lunch since most places are closed on Mondays in Antwerp. The bagels were delicious and they have a lovely terrace outside, so it was perfect.

Found the Cereal city guides at Graanmarkt 13. I want them all! They're perfect gifts, especially for someone who likes to travel. // My favourite thing about spending most of the summer at home: flowers! Sweet pea and dahlias are so colourful and pretty together.

How I spent most of my days in August: studying (and Snapchatting about how much I was studying hah) With good weather, I took my books outside, so it wasn't too bad. Also, Biba kept me company during most of my study sessions.

Took a study break and went to London to visit my friends! First stop was Sourced Market in Marylebone. A deli where you want to buy literally everything. I was good and only left with iced lattes (okay also almond butter)

London baby! This will always be my second home. I loved living here and I love returning here, it really feels like coming home! // Got my highlights done at Daniel Galvin in Kensington. They're the best colourists in the city, and I'm always really happy with the results. This time, I went for blonder hair! (compare the picture from my sister and me to the next ones)

Yummy avocado toast after a morning walk in Regent's Park. If you want to find out which places I went to that weekend, check out this post. // Did a little shopping at Zara. Bought neither of these items but I really love all-white looks lately! Found some nice white skinny jeans and a jumpsuit.

The truffle fries at Selfridges Rooftop bar are to die for. // Cocktails in the sun on a super hot day in London, I live for these moments!

Night vs. the day after! We didn't make it too late, and I was up early the next morning so I got some coffees for my friend and me.

On my last morning in London, we went to Farmacy, where I had the most delicious buckwheat pancakes with coconut yoghurt and fruit. So yum. // I know it's kind of ridiculous, but I've wanted one of the Loewe animal bags ever since I first saw them in Madrid in 2012. Aren't they the cutest bags ever? Not very functional but hey it's fashion.

I arrived in London late on a Saturday night and left Sunday morning for Moscow! Hardly had any time to unpack/repack, but I made it. I love Moscow, so I was really happy to go back for my third visit. // Ended the day with dinner at a cool place called Valenok.

The next morning I woke up to a VERY rainy Moscow. Not prepared at all! Thankfully I had a big umbrella, which kept me somewhat dry. I walked around all day! // First stop: TSUM. One of my favourite department stores in the world. They just have an incredible selection of brands and collections.

I will write some posts about the places I went to in Moscow, so stay tuned for that. Had a really delicious chanterelle pasta. The perfect comfort food on a rainy day. // Visited St. Basil's church on the inside for the first time. 

Day two in Moscow was completely different and super sunny! // We walked around 30 kilometres this day, crazy! This was in the morning, still fresh ;)

Having some Snapchat fun at the museum. // I love when I accidentally bump into a place that's been on my to-do list for ages. LES serves some of the best coffees in Moscow... I agree!

Went to the Jewish Museum to see this exhibition, "Time Effect: the influence of the Russian Avant-Garde on modern fashion". Although it was small, it's one of the best fashion exhibitions I've ever been to. // Our schedule for the day was non-stop! Here we visited the Christ Saviour church. 

Stopped for lunch at Strelka Bar, which is by the water and has an unreal view over the church. One of the coolest places I went to in Moscow! And the food is really great too. // Food writer in action ;)

This building houses the Foreign Ministry of Affairs and it's just incredible, so monumental! Looks beautiful by sunset! // After our long day of museum-hopping and sightseeing by foot, we were too tired to go out for dinner. So I made pelmeni with chanterelles, super yummy, even though I didn't have all the ingredients I would have liked to add.

The next morning it was my birthday! We woke up super early, which I usually hate, but I was going to a city I've longed to see for ages, so I didn't mind! Around 5.30 our train departed.

And by 9 AM we arrived in Saint Petersburg! What a great way to spend my birthday, exploring a "new" city in the sunshine. The weather forecast didn't look promising at all, but it was sunny all day. Probably because it was my birthday hah! We could only check in at our hotel at 2 PM, so I walked around in my pretty unstylish travel-outfit (Lululemons, sneakers etc.)

SPB is so incredibly beautiful! // Although there's considerably less cool little cafés compared to Moscow, I still found a couple. This one was called Mickey & Monkeys. But like I said, I'll be sharing all the spots in one post.

If you're visiting SPB for the first time, The Hermitage museum is a MUST. We wandered around here for about 4 hours I think. There's so much to see and take in, it's nearly impossible to do it in one day.

Sunset over the water, I totally get why they call it the Venice of the North.// The perfect way to end my birthday: delicious dinner with a beautiful view!

The following day we had the morning and part of the afternoon to explore the city some more. We walked around, visited a few churches and discovered the coolest department store I've ever been to. // Our last meal in the city was one of the best meals of the trip, I will tell you about it soon.

One more rooftop to check out before going back to the hotel to grab our bags. // After a pleasant train journey, we arrived at Komsomolskaya Square in the evening to a super humid and warm Moscow. It felt more like India! 

Although it was late, we still wanted to have dinner. After a quick shower and change, we walked to White Rabbit, since we were staying pretty much right next to it. I can't decide if I was more impressed with the food or the view. Both were incredible! My second birthday dinner was 10/10

My last day in Moscow started a bit late since I slept in. It was super warm that day, so I walked around enjoying the weather and stopped at a nice café for a cold smoothie.

After some more museums, it was time to pack and head to the airport. You can't leave Moscow without eating a Kroshka: a jacket potato with dill and a big dollop of sour cream. I love it, and I wish we had this in Belgium. So simple and so good! // We got upgraded which was really nice, I just slept all the way!

On Saturday I had my belated birthday dinner with the whole family at Graanmarkt 13. // I'd been wanting to come here for ages since I'd heard so many good things and also because Seppe Nobels is one of Belgium's best chefs when it comes to vegetables. It didn't disappoint! I took some better photos so I will write a proper review.

This is what I find in the garden on a daily basis: so much zucchini and sweet corn!

Made "galaxy water" which is basically just a tiny scoop of spirulina mixed with water. Looks cool right? // Went for a few runs in August, mostly in the evening. Such a nice way to enjoy the last sun and ensuring a good night's sleep. I got these Adidas kicks in the sale and I love them for running.

More beautiful things from the garden, I can't get enough. I'm kind of sad summer is almost over, that also means the end of home-grown vegetables and flowers.. until next spring // Finally started my master's course in Antwerp! I'm excited and nervous about this (academic) year because I haven't been studying for two years now. But I already know that this will be a GREAT year :)

Love Stories has the cutest little boutique in Antwerp. I checked out the new collection and I want everything as usual. // Although I think the Gucci bags are getting a little overhyped now, I still like the way they look. Isn't this the nicest holiday bag?

More running! I wish I had a goal, I have to sign up for a race for this fall if I find a good one at least.. Any suggestions? // Home alone means waffles for dinner. So yummy! I'm totally for eating healthy foods, but I think you also need this kind of tasty food from time to time.

Ended the month with DIY spring rolls. Still one of my favourite summer dinners, I need to make this more often (I tell myself this every time haha) // Who can spot the cat? I picked up Puma and he fell asleep right away in my arms. So sweet.

Goodbye summer!

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