Friday, August 5, 2016

Current favourite: Adidas Pure Boost X

These are the shoes I've been wearing for most of my runs and workouts the last few months, so it was high time to tell you about them, and why I like them so much. I received these from Adidas back in February, when the Pure Boost X just came out, and I've been loving them ever since. If you're in the market for a lightweight, snug, fast and comfortable running/training shoe, this might be the one.Current favourite: Adidas Pure Boost X

I first heard about this new running shoe when Annemerel asked me to join her at an event hosted by Adidas, in February. It was an outdoor boot camp, it was snowing and we basically almost froze to death. But it was worth it! My first impression of the shoes was that they felt very snug, so I kind of thought they were too small. But I kept wearing them after the event to test them thoroughly during running, boxing and workouts. They slowly grew on me and now, months later, they are my go-to running and training shoes. So thanks again Adidas for gifting me these awesome shoes!

Current favourite: Adidas Pure Boost X
Pic by Joyce Bongers

What I like about the Adidas Pure Boost X
 Snug. The snug fit and the floating arch. I have very high arches so this shoe fits my feet perfectly. 
 Comfy. The thin material and fit make it feel like you're wearing socks. Fits like a glove!
 Lightweight. I think this is the lightest shoe I own which makes it great for shorter distance running and packing for a trip/holiday.
 Bouncy. Especially when doing sprints it feels like the shoes are really responsive because they kind of bounce back, thanks to the cushioned sole. 
 Flexible. The shoes are really flexible which is why I love to wear them for work outs as well as running. 

Current favourite: Adidas Pure Boost X
Pic by Joyce Bongers

The only thing I don't like that much about the shoes is the colours. They're just a bit too girly for my taste. I would have definitely picked one of the pairs below over the pink/blue pair that I currently own (one sale now!). But hey, when someone gives you a pair of the newest trainers you simply can't refuse ;) I think that a black or all-white pair would look really cool! Adidas has so many colours now (the blue/pink ones were the very first version), so I might get another pair this winter. 

Current favourite: Adidas Pure Boost X

Adidas Pure Boost X: Pink - Black - Navy - Grey - White

This post isn't sponsored (if only it was!), but I wanted to share this with you since I really love love love these shoes! If you're looking for a great pair of trainers, go and try these. I'm sure you won't regret it.

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