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June in pictures

Oh hi July, did you bring finally summer with you? I hope so, because the weather in June more resembled that of October/November. Let's hope this month bring better weather so we can eat more ice cream! I started the month of June in a very hot and sunny Malta, and spent the rest of the month in a rather rainy Belgium where I filled my days with studying, cooking, watching football, working out.. the usual! 

As you may know, I'm taking a nutritionist course which is self-study, so it requires a little discipline to do it. But I've gotten into the routine of doing a few hours every day so I'm nearly half way now! Coffee is much needed, always ;) // Started with sprinting/interval training this month. I'll tell you about it in my next post!

Stil can't get over how cute our pets are together, especially these two, they are best friends! It always makes me sad to leave them for a few days though. // A big surprise when I got to Brussels Airport: they have Diptyque! One of my favourite brands when it comes to scents. My first ever perfume was Philosykos and I still love it. They have some candles and perfumes in travel size here, so cute! Now all I need it NARS in duty free and then airport shopping at Zaventem is on point! (oh and a Zara too)

I always book my seat in advance whenever possible, because I like sitting near the front of the plane and by the window. This time I even managed to get the WHOLE row to myself haha! Even though the plane was quite full. // Celebrated my excellent seat choice with a bottle of red, three glasses of water and a pretty good vegetarian quiche. I like Swissair a lot, it's one of the most pleasant airlines to fly with. 

Touchdown in Malta! I was really excited to arrive since I'd be spending a long weekend with my best friends from London and it was the first time I visited this tiny country. // Malta first impressions: hot! Also cute, lively and easy to get around. 

First Maltese breakfast made by the perfect host Irene who even fixed me up with all kind of plant-based goodness and an almond milk latte  Oh and Maltese bread is so good, I can't even explain why but the crust is slightly charred which gives it a really nice flavour. // We stayed in St. Julians, a nice area with lots of restaurants, bars and clubs.

We started the day with a walk from St. Julians to Sliema, look how cute the colourful boats are! // Sliema is really nice to walk around, especially the side streets where there are still authentic and old shops, just like this green grocer's.

This is Valetta, the capital. I didn't get to visit it this time though. // What I liked most about the old buildings in Malta is these bay windows, which are painted in all kinds of blue, a nice contrast with the sand coloured buildings.

My friends all arrived at different times/days, so when we were finally reunited we had to celebrate! It's been two years since we were all together so you can imagine how happy we were to see each other!

Little dream house by the water. Blue details on a house looks so good in warm countries. // Dr. Juice is a juice place which you can find all over the island. It's pretty good and not too expensive. I tried a detox juice and a peanut butter and banana milkshake, both were really delicious!

What we did all day every day: tan, talk, laugh, swim and eat. The sea was pretty cold but so refreshing. Pretty nice to swim in the sea even though you're right in the city. // Lunch from Dr. Juice: a falafel and hummus salad. Tasty :)

One night we drove to Mdina, which is a fortified city and the previous capital of Malta. It's really tiny, with only a couple of narrow streets, but it's such a cool place. They filmed some scenes of Game of Thrones here so it really feels like you enter a different world! // Mdina is perched on top of a hill so you have a cool view over the rest of the island. This was around sun set and the place was pretty deserted, but I heard it can get very busy, so pick a quiet time when you go. 

Golden hour at Mdina! Perfect selfie light ;) 

After our little touristy outing we were starving so we got huge pizzas at I Monelli. They were amazingly good. One of the perks of being so close to Italy! // We spent the last day swimming and tanning, soaking up some sun before heading back to Belgium, London and Stockholm.

On the last night we weren't feeling very hungry, so we just got gelato for dinner at Rivareno, which is the best gelato place on the island. I had mango and something with crunchy caramel OMG so good. // The next day I had a few more hours before going to the airport, so we walked to Sliema again.

After bikini shopping at Oysho we craved something fresh so got some juice and coffee at a vegan place called Pure. I wanted to try everything there, it all looked really tasty. The service was kind of slow and not super friendly though, but I'll forgive them because they made me the best vegan iced latte I've ever had :) 

Posing for the Insta-pic ;) hard to resist with these colours. // My super latte! I think they used homemade almond and hazelnut milk, which is why it was so good.

This is so random, but there's a Waitrose section in the supermarket (Waitrose is a British supermarket). I almost felt like we were in London for a second. // I don't like buying souvenirs so much, but I always bring back some food. This time I brought 4 loaves of Maltese bread because I love it so much! 

I had my last lunch with the girls at the little café at Portomaso tower. They have a few daily lunch specials, and we all had a nice pasta. // Back to Belgium via Zurich! Managed to choose some good seats again :)

Bye Malta! // If there's one thing I dislike at the airport, is when people stand really close to the baggage carousel. I mean what's the point? If everyone would stand a little further you wouldn't have to say "excuse me" to a hundred people before reaching for your suitcase. In some countries they put these lines where you should stay behind, and I don't understand why they haven't done this in every airport?

Still addicted to watermelon, so fresh and fruity! // Alphonso mangos are the best mangos ever. Although they can be a little too sweet for my taste sometimes.

Snacking on slightly burnt toast (oops) and homemade hummus and pea spread. Have you tried the recipe yet? // Picking peonies in the garden. There was a real peony explosion when I returned from Malta!

Went to the fashion show of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, which is one of the best fashion design schools in the world. I always enjoy watching the show, it's really cool!

Gorgeous poppies! Too bad you can't really pick them because they don't do too well in vases. // This meme made me laugh :') 

When Belgium is playing a match at 3 and you decide to go to the gym at 2, the gym is completely empty! // I still managed to finish my work out in time to watch the match. So far we've only lost one match and we're doing really well, yes! I'm not into football but I think it's fun to watch when Belgium plays (& wins!)

Made this gorgeous peony bouquet for a friend's birthday. I think she loved them! // The birthday dinner was in Brussels where I rarely come, but I should  really go more often. 

Acai bowl for breakfast. I also always add peanut butter on top! // I don't know why this Snapchat filter get so much hate? They say it's a "basic bitch" filter haha. I still like it and definitely won't stop using it!

Playing around with Snapchat filters while studying, the usual.. // My friend threw a big party for his 23rd and we had so much fun! Danced all night, the pouring rain didn't stop us!

I love that you can have a coffee at Nespresso after buying your things. Such a nice touch! // I really like these glass bowls from Zara Home, they're on sale now so I think I might get some. Cute for fruits salads!

Fresh homemade watermelon juice and carrot juice, mmmm! // Love the combination of these khaki/black tights and my bright pink Nikes. 

Iced latte yess! I always keep cold espresso in the fridge so I can have an iced latte whenever I crave it. // Went for a run and met this cute kitten on the way. Had to stop for a picture with my new little friend haha!

How cute is Biba?? Love her even though she's mean sometimes. // I've been eating so many Acai bowls lately, such a fresh start to the day.

My mom bought this Spanish pre-marinated tempeh and it's really really good. Anyone know where I can find it in Antwerp? // Made a "soul bowl" for dinner, basically combined all kinds of things together in a big bowl.

Yes GO BELGIUM! // Picking outfits for a wedding. So nice to wear summer dresses again.

Need this Maje red leather jacket in my life, but I'm not sure it's worth investing in a statement piece which you can't really wear every day? What do you think? // Sale shopping at Zara, didn't find anything yet!

My outfit of the day! Looks more like a fall look than summer right? // Had a cupcake for lunch, kind of bad but it was really tasty. The raspberry oreo from Momade Cupcakes :) try it!

Hope you had a nice June too, I'm ready for July!

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