Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ciao VSCO, hello new Instagram planner app

Do you remember this post where I let you in on all my Instagram secrets? VSCO was the app I used to plan and visualise my Instagram feed, but a few weeks ago they decided to change the whole app so it was buh-bye to the whole Instagram-planning-thing. So it was time to look for a good replacement to plan my Instagram feed. Enter UNUM, my hero in disguise. It's not only a replacement for VSCO, it's a much much better one too! Let my tell you why..
UNUM instagram feed planning app

UNUM is basically an app which allows you to play with your Instagram feed before you upload anything. If you don't take your Instagram too seriously and only post sporadically, this might not be useful for you. But if you want your feed to look somewhat coherent, and like to check if a photo fits in nicely before you upload (to save you from an awkward post-and-delete action), UNUM is the perfect app for that. 

Why I love UNUM

It's automatically linked to your Instagram account so you can view your whole feed on the app, without having to upload everything manually (like I did on VSCO)

♡ You can easily upload a couple of photos to plan your feed, thanks to the empty grid spaces at the top. This could be really useful for individuals/brands who want a really well thought-out feed but don't want to spend time on it every day. You can also upload to Instagram directly from the app.

♡ You can play around with the photos and drag and drop them anywhere you like. This wasn't an option at all with VSCO, so this is one of my favourite features of the app.

♡ It's a very sleek and easy to use app. It even has filters, stickers and more editing tools, which I definitely need to explore some more! 

It's 100% free and available in the app store. Yay!

UNUM instagram feed planning app

UNUM instagram feed planning app

This post isn't sponsored in any way, I just thought I'd had to share this with you, since I know some of you might also have used VSCO before it changed. 

Did you also use VSCO as an Instagram feed planner? Or will you give UNUM a go?

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