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May in pictures

Hey, I'm back with another monthly diary! I promise I won't skip any more months from now on. In May I went to some food-related press events which was really fun! I also did a lot of cooking, and finally started my nutritionist course. My life has been pretty food-filled lately, hence the many food pics in this post, enjoy reading!

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Although I had quite an active holiday, I definitely notice that I didn't do proper sports for two months. Time to get back in shape again! Feels really nice to run with spring weather. // I posted this on my Instagram and got some comments of people with the same issues. Although my iPhone isn't so old and works just fine, I struggle so much with having so little storage space. Imagine traveling for 2 months with that!

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Is there anything that screams 'summer' more than a fresh watermelon? I ate so much watermelon in May, it's the BEST thing with warm weather. // Hi Antwerp, always looking good ;) Do any of you have good restaurant recommendations in Antwerp? Need to try new things!

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Leftovers for lunch, can't exactly remember what it was but all vegan of course // One of my go-to breakfasts this month. I go through fases, in Australia I only had toast with banana and peanut butter, and now I'm into homemade granola with Oatly and fresh fruit. I'm slowly switching to Açaí bowls again now that we're approaching summer.

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Came back home just in time to see all the cherry/apple/pear trees in bloom. I think this is my favourite time of the year. // People asked me if it wasn't too hard to acclimatise back home after traveling in hot countries, but the first week after getting back we had real summer weather in Belgium so that made it a lot easier!

whiskers & lions May in pictures

There's nothing better than eating home-grown vegetables. Here you can see asparagus (thanks sis!) and shii-take mushrooms. The vegetable garden is also giving us an abundance of salad and herbs at the moments, I love it! It doesn't get any more organic than that. // DIY rice paper rolls for dinner with different veggies, peanut sauce and shii-take mushrooms. When it's DIY it takes a lot less time because everyone just makes their own. The only thing I need is this kind of thing to steam rice paper in, does anyone know where to find it?

whiskers & lions  Antwerpen proeft

I met up with my bestie on a hot summer day and went to Antwerpen Proeft, a kind of food festival with food trucks and little dishes made by famous Belgian chefs. There was a saddening choice in vegetarian food, let alone vegan food. But hey, we had these delicious natural fruit pops from Moon Pops. Next year I vote for a vegan food stand!

whiskers & lions Otomat Antwerpen vegan pizza

Since we were still hungry after the food event we went to the new-ish pizzeria Otomat to try their vegan pizza (there's one on the menu). Though it was really tasty and topped with lots of vegetables, it was a tiny bit 'bland' for my taste. But nothing that a little salt and olive oil can't solve! I love that they have a vegan option, how great is that? All of the other pizzas also looked amazing, so I've recommended it to quite a few friends already and they all loved it! If you're in Antwerp, go here for lunch or dinner, you won't regret it.

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Two weeks ago I participated in a hockey event where every team dresses up and plays little matches. I've never played hockey, just like most of my team, so we didn't end up winning the matches but we DID win the prize for the best dressed team. I guess our "Brides & Grooms" theme worked out pretty well!

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Homemade banana icecream (just blend frozen bananas) with watermelon, coconut chips and homemade granola. Perfect snack on a hot day! I always keep some sliced frozen banana in the freezer which I use for smoothies, Açaí bowls or nicecream, saves me some work // Haven't worn this Adidas by Stella McCartney top in ages, but paired with an Adidas skirt it makes the perfect tennis outfit (also our cat Puma approves). I need to play tennis more often, it's the nicest spring/summer sport. 

whiskers & lions May in pictures

I'm finally back on my training routine after traveling and being sick for two weeks. My weekly schedule at the moment: boxing twice, weight training twice (mostly legs) and one run a week. // More watermelon. I get them from CRU, which is a new kind of Whole Foods which opened in Wijnegem. I swear they're the best watermelons I've ever tasted. Good texture and sweetness.

Thierry Boutemy for Pierre Marcolin flowers

Got invited to an event to celebrate Pierre Marcolini's new spring range of chocolates, cookies and ice cream. You can't say no to that right? I brought my sister with me and headed to Brussels for one of the nicest PR-events I've ever been to. The shop was completely covered in (fake) flowers, arranged by my favourite flower genius Thierry Boutemy. 

whiskers & lions May in pictures - Pierre Marcolini event

The event was packed with fashionable people drinking Aperol Spritz and trying the new Marcolini deliciousness. These little ice pops are amazing, mine was with matcha and white chocolate. You can get these at all Marcolini shops this summer. Better than Magnum for sure ;)

Genco Brussels whiskers & lions May in pictures

After the event we wandered around the area in the search for dinner. I actually never go to Brussels but I should do it more often, there are a lot of cool restaurants and shops. Do you have any tips? // We ended up at Genco, a tiny Italian place with a super friendly host. I chose the truffle ravioli which was really good. My good intentions of eating vegan kind of went out the window today, but I have no regrets :)

Poilâne Kanaal Wijnegem Antwerpen

As you might have read, the famous French bakery Poilâne opened their first bakery in Belgium, after Paris and London. I went to two of their pre-opening events and got to try all of their bread, lucky me! Nothing beats their walnut bread, it's heaven. 

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Our little cat Biba is so cute, don't you think? Somehow she's always sitting or sleeping in places where she blends in. Camo-kitty! // More watermelonnnn!

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Tried some bikinis and bras at COS, they have cute stuff! Didn't end up getting anything since I already bought a few bikinis this year already and I just can't justify it with the Belgian weather haha! // Made vegan Soul Bowls for my brother and I, who's totally not vegan. He loved it though! I love these kind of meals with a lot of different flavours, textures and vegetables. 

whiskers & lions May in pictures

I read an article in Metro that Belgians are choosing for vegetarian food more often, which is great news! Only 2% of Belgians is fully vegan though, but I hope that with my enthusiasm for this kind of food I can inspire more people to choose for plant-based food sometimes. // I developed a recipe which I'm really proud of, a vegan lasagna without dairy, pasta or meat. I couldn't find a good recipe so I decided to create one myself and it turned out so good! Sharing the recipe soon:) 

Alphonso Mangos Albert Heijn Indian mango

On weekends I like to put some extra effort into our family breakfast. This fruit platter only took me 10 minutes to make actually, but it looks impressive right? // May/June is the best time of the year not only because of the flower explosion, but also because Alphonso mangos are in season. They are imported from India and hard to find because they ripen very quickly. They taste nothing like the regular African mango and they are 100% more delicious. I believe Albert Heijn will start selling them too!

Gigi Hadid vogue covers

What do you think of my new Adidas sweater? Got it in an Adidas outlet from the kids section, a steal at €16! // Gigi Hadid is my favourite model, and like a true fangirl I buy every Vogue cover she's on. I missed out on the Vogue China cover sadly!

Watermelon's at CRU Wijnegem

Watermelon's at CRU Wijnegem. If you like watermelons you should definitely try these. Am I repeating myself? // They also have a little flower shop inside CRU, which sells a different kind of flower every week. For the opening they had every kind of peony you can imagine, so pretty.

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Went on an unsuccessful shopping trip last week. Tried this funny jacket with "Give me a break" on the back (not really wearable) and a off shoulder top at H&M which I regret not getting now. 

whiskers & lions May in pictures

Hadn't had Burrata in ages, it's still amazing - not vegan, but amazing. Especially with good olive oil, black pepper and basil. It doesn't need much. // Another day, another vegan dinner. This time with green vegetables, homemade falafel, hummus, bulgur and naan bread. 

Happy to be making my monthly diaries again, hope you enjoyed reading!

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