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June | personal update

Hey you! It's been a while since I wrote a more personal post, especially since I skipped my monthly photo diaries in March and April (I promise I'll make one of May). So in between my recipe, food and travel posts I wanted to have a little chat with you about my plans, dreams and life at the moment!
whiskers & lions travel

I've been back from my trip for almost a month now but I still think about it every single day, and realise how lucky I am to have done this! I've collected so many new memories that no one can ever take away from me, and that's the thing I like the most about traveling. I'm already longing to go back to those places one day! In the meantime, I have a lot more places/tips/hotspots to share with you, from New Zealand, Australia and Bali. 

This summer I'll travel a bit in Europe. So far I'm going to the South of France and Malta (I'm leaving for Malta in two days! tips are always welcome). I'd love to see some new countries in Europe though, since using the app Been, I realised how little I've seen of Europe (only 30%) because I keep going back to the same countries. Time to change that! I'd love to go to Portugal, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Have any of you been? 

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Vegan eating
I thought I'd also give a little update on my vegan journey! I started going for it full-on in January, but wasn't too strict with it while I was traveling in March and April. On all the occasions that I cooked on my trip, I always kept it 100% vegan. Animal products spoil quickly so that made it also easier to skip those. But I did eat fish, cheese, meat and milk a couple of times in restaurants. Sometimes by accident (when ordering my coffee), but also by choice. I love trying new things and tasting local products, so I couldn't say no to grilled fish for example. In Bali is was really easy to eat vegan though. I'll write a post with my best tips for eating vegan while backpacking/traveling. In the end I think my travel diet was about 80% plant-based, not bad! 

Now I'm back at home and I get to cook my own meals again. I love experimenting with new recipes, so you'll get to see the successful ones here on the blog ;) I think 95% of my food is plant-based now, which I'm really happy with! I don't need meat, fish, milk, butter etc. in my life but occasionally I'll have some cheese :) Ideally I would like to go for a 100% plant-based diet but right now I'm happy as it is. 

whiskers & lions vegan

Studies & Nutritionist?
So you might be wondering what I do in life now that I'm no longer working, interning or studying. I'm actually starting a master's degree in September, after a two year 'break' in which I got to do working experience and traveled. But before I start my master's, I decided I had enough time to do another study. 

I chose to do a Nutritionist study which you can do from home, at your own pace. After completing all the chapters and homework, you take an exam and get an official nutritionist certificate! I've been dreaming of doing this for quite some time, since I'm really interested in food and nutrition. With this new knowledge I can assess my own health/nutrition better, help others and share more accurate knowledge on my blog. I started studying last week and I must say it's more in depth than I thought! Not always easy but very interesting:) 

So now you know what I'm doing these days. I like reading these more personal posts on other blogs and I think I owed you one too! Now that it's June I'm really looking forward to summer. What are your plans for the next few months? What are your favourite travel destinations in Europe? 

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