Sunday, May 22, 2016

10 travel instagram accounts you should follow

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favourite Instagram accounts so I thought it was time for an update. Since I've been traveling quite a bit lately, I thought it would be nice to share my favourite travel Instagram accounts. Looking through the photos on these accounts not only takes my mind elsewhere for just a moment, it also makes me dream of actually going to these places one day. You probably know the quote "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" and I think we can all agree. Here are my top 10 favourite travel accounts, perfect for dreaming away on a Sunday & adding places on your bucket list.
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


One of my favourite accounts right now is Lauren's, who's only 23 years old but managed to turn her passion of photography and travel into her job. Her account is absolutely dreamy!  
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


Jack Morris has more than 1 million followers and it's easy to understand why. He travels to the most exotic looking places and takes the most incredible photos of animals, nature and his girlfriend (?) Lauren (from Gypsea Lust). 
the best 10 travel instagram accounts

This is a real adventure-type instagram account, and one of the more popular travel accounts I believe. Alex has a basic traveling style but doesn't compromise on the quality of his photography. His adventurous spirit takes him to be most remote but incredible little corners of the world. 
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


While I was traveling through New Zealand, I started following several New Zealand accounts and actually found quite a few cool places just by seeing amazing photos on instagram. This account has the best photos which are sent in by people traveling through this amazing country. 
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


I've been following Grace for a little while but only checked out her blog while making this post. She wrote a post about how she created her travel lifestyle and I really have a lot of respect for the way she works for making her dreams come true. 
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


This account highlights "women who actively travel, providing a space of information and inspiration for those new to the journey." It's basically a sharing account of photos taken by (or of) women traveling the world. Beautiful and inspiring!
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


Another travel photographer who captures beautiful moments. I discovered her through Tuulavintage since they often travel together. Dream team!
the best 10 travel instagram accounts

One half of the best known travel couple on insta. Samuel is Norwegian and travels around the world with his beautiful wife Hildegunn. They travel to the most incredible places and take even more incredible photos. Couple goals for sure.
the best 10 travel instagram accounts

Samuel's other half, Hildegunn. I checked out some places they went to in New Zealand but unfortunately missed out on the blooming lupin fields (top left) since I was there a few weeks later than them. They really provide the perfect travel inspo and thanks to them I've added quite a few places on my to-do list!
the best 10 travel instagram accounts


Although I've mentioned Jessica's account in my previous Instagram favourites, I just had to mention her again since she has one of the best travel accounts. Lately, she's been steering away a bit from fashion and seems to focus more on travel, which I like! 
the best 10 travel instagram accounts

What are your favourite accounts? I'm sure I'm missing out on loads of other inspiring accounts so please let me know! 

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