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February in pictures

February was a busy month. I went to Amsterdam twice, worked, went boxing a lot, tried new recipes and continued my vegan diet for 90% of the time. Is it already March though? Let's look back at February before starting March, which is promising to be a very fun month! 

First non-vegan meal of the year: pasta with some parmesan cheese on top. With extra nutritional yeast because I'm slightly obsessed (the cheese was actually not necessary) // On my way to my beloved Amsterdam. The train was delayed but my big cup of tea kept me warm!  

Zoe Karssen x Daphne Groeneveld Bijenkorf

Quick stop at the Bijenkorf to buy a card for Annemerel. Also found a Moleskine diary for 2016 for 2 euros! (reduced from 17). Anyways, I also spotted Zoe Karssen's collaboration with super (sporty) model Daphne Groeneveld. The result is a nice mix of prints and fun quotes on cool tops and leggins. Love it! If I didn't already have too much sportswear I'd have bought something!

I LOVE Juice Brothers. I got a Dutch Spice Juice and an oat cookie (which tastes like heaven) // The new H&M in Amsterdam is amazing, so pretty and huge!

Passed by Love Stories where I met an ex-colleague of mine from the time I worked in a PR agency in Amsterdam. I love how the world seems so small when you're in Amsterdam, you can't walk around without bumping into at least one person you know! (which can also be a bad thing I guess haha) // it was so cold so I went to The Cold Pressed Juicery for a super delicious sweet potato and coconut soup. The girl who worked there was from New Zealand and she was absolutely lovely!

What I wore basically the whole month of February: a black turtleneck sweater, my black Acne jeans, black boots and my beloved shearling teddy coat (always topped off with a resting bitch face haha) Kinda loving the seventies vibe! // Although I have two already, I couldn't resist buying this portable phone charger from Fab. x Hema 

A little look inside The Cold Pressed Juicery. There's an actual tree in there, so cool // The reason I went to Amsterdam was Annemerel's first book launch (Live Love Run). I've been reading her blog for a few years now and got to run with her by my side in both London and Munich, so when I got the invite I couldn't say no! She's such a sweet, spontaneous and inspirational girl. I read her book from beginning to end. It's the perfect running motivation!

I can't take the train from Amsterdam Central without stopping by Julia's for a little pasta dinner. At Julia's you can choose from different kinds of pasta and sauces, and they make it fresh right in front of you. In less than 5 minutes you have a relatively healthy and filling meal. This concept must come to Belgian train stations ASAP!

vegan brownies Metro whiskers & lions

Annemerel casually told me she used my brownie recipe in the Dutch Metro newspaper. OMG that's probably one of the coolest things that has happened since starting my blog. I'm sure you all know Metro, it's the free newspaper you get on public transport. AND MY RECIPE WAS IN IT! So cool, thank you Annemerel!! // Talking about brownies, I resisted the temptation to try a piece at the newest coffee place in Antwerp, St. Vincents. Next time..

Isabel marant boots

Did a sneaky sale purchase from Isabel Marant, but how can you resist if you've been eyeing those shoes for ages and they're 70% off? 

Powersmoothie with frozen berries, seeds and bee pollen // waffles are my new favourite weekend-breakfast. I usually make them the night before and then pop them in the oven for 5 minutes before serving

My favourite high-waisted ripped jeans from Stradivarius. I think they were €20? A real bargain. // The coffee addiction continues, even without drinking cow's milk. Most places have almond milk or some other alternative. As long as it's not soy milk I'm happy.

Along with the boxer braids come these crazy waves when I take out the braids. Kinda liking this spice-girl hair. // Antwerp just keeps getting better! The new-ish Bobbi Brown flagship store is so pretty.

Flowers make every day a little more beautiful. // Tried a new place for lunch in Antwerp (got a bit bored with Exki). At S├ębastien all the food is freshly prepared in the kitchen upstairs. I really like this place! The coffee with almond milk is really quite expensive (€4.10) but their to-go lunches are healthy and good. My favourite is the focaccia with mozzarella and pesto. These veggie wraps are a good vegan option!

Although it's not my style, I do like the embroidered Gucci Dionysus bags, it makes them much more special. The bee is so nice, I can already imagine it on other bags // Our family cat puma is a real beast. He's huge but also the nicest and cuddliest cat ever.

Sebestien antwerp

You could say that S├ębastien was my go-to place this month ;)

Spelt crepes with crispy edges are perfect for Sunday morning breakfast // Went out for a very wet and rainy run, but the sun kind of came through mid-run, lovely!

Went to Amsterdam a second time this month, for a very special Valentine's date with 30 other fit girls for a workout with Adidas. We were testing the new Pureboost X shoes and ran to the Westerpark where we did a killer battle in teams IN THE SNOW. It was freezing, we did a million burpees, squats, skips, sit-ups but we made it and came in third in #teamannemerel. I had a lovely morning with these girls, thanks Adidas! // Popped by de Bijenkorf again and I just love their handbag section, it's all white marble and they have my favourite brands.

Rainy Amsterdam, but I decided to spend the day there after the workout, I just love this city // went to the Hoxton to do some work on my laptop with a good flat white. It was packed but very cosy, I understand why people like going there. 

Just like everyone else, I love playing around with Snapchat filters. The animal ones are my favourites of course!

I love going to the bigger flower shop where there's so much choice you could spend hours there. // At Albert Heijn they were selling these cute heart-shaped boxes filled with fruit. So much better than chocolates if you ask me! 

Antwerp is so nice when it's sunny out! We had a lot of these crisp sunny days in February, my favourite // With good weather and unusual temperatures come the first spring flowers. It almost feels like Easter already.

Together with my sister I did something completely new: we held a cooking class for a small group of women, teaching them how to make a completely vegan meal. People often have misconceptions about what vegan food is like, so it was fun to show them that it's not as boring/weird as they thought! My sister and I both love cooking so I hope we can do this again sometime. // Sweet potato fries are always a good idea 

Spotted this cool rain (?) cloud, looked so unreal! // I spent pretty much a whole day baking a big granola order. It's a totally different thing than just making one batch of granola haha! By the end of the day I couldn't see or smell any granola anymore!

Pluk Amsterdam still has the best fruit & veg display I've come across. I always do wonder if they manage to use everything? And how can they keep it all so fresh? // I'm really into kitsch bouquets lately. It doesn't always need to be "pretty" and matching.

Went though old photo albums and found these two photos which kind of show my early obsession with flowers, picking flowers and making bouquets. On the right you can see my grandmother showing me how to pick the daffodils, so sweet! I think flowers subconsciously remind me of her, which is why I love it so much! 

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