Friday, February 26, 2016

Vegan eating | update

It's nearly the end of February (eek!) and I know I documented pretty much every meal in January and bombarded you with vegan posts (I still do hehe #sorrynotsorry), so I thought it was time for a little February update. Am I still eating vegan? How did "veganuary" change my eating habits? Have I eaten meat yet? Do I consider myself totally vegan now? I'll answer all those question in this post. I thought it would be fun to give my perspective!
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Change of taste
If you eat only vegan food for a whole month, most of your cravings for non-vegan things practically disappear. The last thing I wanted to eat on February 1st, was meat/fish/eggs. What I did miss in January was cheese, so I had a bit of parmesan cheese on my pasta, which was my first non-vegan food of 2016. After that, I ate halloumi and I just couldn't do it anymore because it didn't taste good to me. I also had a coffee once with cows milk and the taste of milk lingered so long I decided that I don't need/want cows milk anymore in my life. Besides, if you've tried Oatly, you don't want anything else (and I'm not being paid to say this). 

This month I also had meat twice. Once I tried a piece of steak, and it tastes just like before but felt like an unnecessary addition to my meal. The second time was when I ate confit duck, which I loved, and still do. It's funny how some things taste just like before and other things taste bad now? 

Conclusion: I'll just eat/drink what I feel like, but adding animal products to my daily diet doesn't feel 'necessary' any longer. I feel much happier and more satisfied with eating plant-based food! And after a while you don't even need to think about it anymore (like "I can't eat this or that"). But that also doesn't mean I'll say "no" to a friend's homemade chocolate fondant ;) 

No labelling please
I'm actually not very comfortable with the label "vegan". I like that people promote vegan eating (just like I do), but that doesn't mean that you need to stick labels on people. I mean, we all eat food, so why it is necessary to put people into boxes, like "meat eater" "raw" "vegan" "gluten-free". Those labels are only about the food you eat, not the person you are. I understand that veganism is like a lifestyle to some people, but food shouldn't be about rules and restrictions. Right now 90% of the food I eat is vegan, but I definitely don't want to stick a label on my eating habits. I'm just here to share with you my recipes and tips, so you get a little bit inspired as well. As long as you eat balanced and healthily, no matter if it's "vegan" or not, it's all good!

Please let me know if you have any other questions you'd like me to answer. I know that the word 'vegan' has kind of taken over my blog lately but my blog is a reflection of what's going on in my life so I hope you don't mind. I'll try to write about other things as well :)

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