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Carotterie 2000 vegan food | Antwerp

A while back I went on a search to find some vegan-proof lunch spots in Antwerp. I totally forgot to tell you about a new-ish little place (opened in 4 months ago) until I came across these pictures in iPhoto (somewhere in between the 20,000 pics - and yes I often make back-ups + delete haha). Located in one of my favourite streets of Antwerp, Sint Jorispoort (coincidentally close to another vegan-proof spot), Carotterie 2000 is a small vegan/vegetarian place which serves up homemade breakfasts, lunches, juices and snacks. I was dying to try it, secretly hoping it would compare to my all-time favourite in Munich. 
Carotterie 2000 vegan food | Antwerp

With high expectations, a big appetite and my vegan-partner-in-crime (my sister), I headed to Carotterie for lunch. Let me first get the negative out of the way. I was a little disappointed with the place itself. Firstly, the design is not my taste at all, a bit cold I would say, and not very cosy. Secondly, although it's small, there's room for people to sit but it's on bar chairs facing the wall, which is more of a "fastfood" way of eating. I was hoping for some cosy tables, but the design of the place doesn't really allow it. A missed opportunity because after eating there once I would only really do take-away instead of sitting down! 

Okay now we got that out of the way, let's talk about the most important thing: the food! We picked out two fresh juices to start with, which were both delicious! Carotterie 2000 contains carrots, apple and ginger, which is always a winning combination. My sister's Greena Colada was even tastier: spinach, apple, parsley and pineapple. Sweet, fresh and green at the same time!
Carotterie 2000 vegan food | Antwerp

The menu has a few lunch suggestions, although the chef doesn't really stick to it all the time (I guess she likes the variety & freshness of a changing menu, which is fine with me!) Similarly to the Mae Deli, you can create your own plate with the different salads they have prepared that day. The "salads" are all displayed behind the counter so you can see them before choosing. My sister chose a big plate (€12.95) with a bit of everything! I tried it all but I can't tell which one was my favourite. My sister and I agree that it's the combination of them all which made it really tasty. If you're in for a big healthy lunch, I would choose this! (the small option is €7.95, I recommend this one unless you're really starving)

Carotterie 2000 vegan food | Antwerp

My lunch looked a little less colourful but it was definitely just tasty. Next to the salads, there's a range of sandwiches to choose from. There are 4 vegan sandwiches, one of which is the Vegan Aubergine Star. Of course I had to pick it (I love the names on the menu!) It's a fresh crunchy sourdough baguette (plus points for sourdough!) with grilled aubergine & zucchini, organic homemade vegan cashew ricotta (yum!), marinated sweet bell pepper and coriander. A perfect combination of different flavours, I loved it. I could easily have this for lunch every day! 

Carotterie 2000 vegan food | Antwerp

Although my first impressions of Carotterie weren't great, I was pleasantly surprised by the food. It's fresh, full of flavour, vegan (most of it), colourful and homemade. Everything you could ask for in a lunch basically. Another good thing are the prices, which are very reasonable for the amount of preparation, work and fresh ingredients which are used. You can get breakfast for €4, a sandwich for €5. Prices you wouldn't even dare dream of in London at a vegan place. Although I don't think it's very cosy to sit down for food at Carotterie, I can definitely recommend this place for a good take-away lunch in Antwerp or a breakfast on-the-go. 

ps. I haven't found any similar vegan places like this one in Antwerp, so if you have some tips let me know! (So far nothing compares to the Vegan Deli in Munich) 

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