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November in pictures

It's already the last month of 2015! I went on two trips in November and will be going on two more in December, so I've been traveling quite a bit lately. And even though they are all short trips, it feels like I did so much. I can't believe 2015 is coming to an end already, last Christmas feels like yesterday... I bet some of you are also feeling the same way, so let's make every one of these last 31 days count!
November in pictures

November in pictures

My sister and I woke up a little earlier on the 5th of November because we wanted to check out the Balmain x H&M collaboration. We arrived at 8, the shop opened at 9 and after some stress we did get the items we wanted in the end. You just need to ask the girls who have 67 items in their hands if they are really going to buy everything ;) // after Balmain but before work we had some much needed coffee & tea

November in pictures

Walnuts the size of clementines, woah! I'm always impressed with oversized or miniature fruit & veg // one of the two items I bought from Balmain x H&M, the white classy blazer. I also got the black velvet one. So happy with these two!

Blueberry paris

As you might now, my friend and I planned a little weekend getaway to Paris. She studied there for three years and I just love Paris, clearly reasons enough to go. Unfortunately our weekend didn't turn out like we expected at all (read here), but we still made the most of it! We arrived Friday around noon so we went straight for lunch at Blueberry. So yummy! Full review coming // I booked a cute little Airbnb in the middle of St Germain. Find it here + my review

November in pictures

This was our street! How romantic and typical Parisian? I think Airbnb is one of the best ways to really feel at "home" in a city, even though I also love the luxury of hotels // I spotted this cool wall-decoration at Brandy Melville. In London I always decorated my walls with magazine tear-outs (favourite shoots) but using it as actual wallpaper is also a cool idea.

November in pictures

The most chaotic and - quite frankly - horrendous shop in Paris: City Pharma. It's also the cheapest pharmacy so I always buy loads of French products (Bioderma, Biafine, Nuxe oil etc.) but every time I'm there I wonder why I do it. // St. Germain des Pres is one of my favourite areas in Paris and also the one I'm most familiar with. It's full of cosy cafés and brasseries!

Le Hibou Paris

A typical Parisian night: sipping on some rosé while second-hand smoking, gossiping and doing some people watching. Our night ended here when we read the news.. // I loved this neon sign and found it very fitting for the recent events in Paris "the world is yours". I won't let terror stop me from traveling, exploring and enjoy the beauty of our world.

season paris

On Saturday, we had a lovely brunch at one of Paris' hippest brunch spots, Season. You can never go wrong with avocado toast, coffee and fresh juice. 

November in pictures

The note outside nearly every single shop. // Les Champs Elysées was also unusually quiet, so after a whole day of wandering around and eating, we headed back to our flat. 

Sushi shop Paris rock n roll

More foooood. Sushi Shop in Paris is awesome and very fresh. The Rock n Roll with chili pepper and Doritos on top was my absolute favourite! We enjoyed our sushi with some gin & tonic and watching Crazy Stupid Love on my mini iPhone screen (we had nothing else!)

November in pictures

Our last morning in our little Airbnb. Another friend slept over on Friday since we planned to go out but because of everything, she stayed with us the whole weekend. Super cosy and luckily we had a guest bed/couch! // Place de la Republique, where people were putting down flowers, cards and candles for the victims of the terrorist attack. There was lots of press here too and we got interviewed for Belgian telly, such a weird experience! 

November in pictures

Paris was beautiful and sunny on the day we left, so nice! Here's me in another almost-all-black outfit as usual // Brunch at Paperboy! Yummy but slightly rude staff and very overpriced but hey it's Paris

November in pictures

We stopped at Pont des Arts and saw that they've taken down all the locks from the actual bridge but left some on the side of the bridge. Kind of sad but that's better than if the bridge were to collapse I guess. // One of my favourite places to stop at is the flower shop (or rather rose shop) at Hotel Costes. 

November in pictures

Buh-bye Pareee! // If you ever need to store your luggage, I recommend storing it at Gare du Nord, where they have easy-to-use lockers. Not too expensive and pretty convenient.

Chocolate makers chocolate

I'm a big chocolate lover and I've tried lots of chocolate in my life, but I still think this is some of the best chocolate there is. The brand is Dutch and is called Chocolate Makers, try it! // My sister made some cookies, tasty and very cute

Abbot kinneys coconut yoghurt

Still in love with boxing; excellent cardio and my arms are stronger than ever // A new bio store opened at Antwerp Central station and much to my delight they sell coconut yoghurt. So expensive but so worth it - I wish I could eat this every day.

November in pictures

Kitty naps by the fireplace in between fashion magazines.. such a diva // Time for my next trip, off to Stockholm!

Salong Betong Arlanda coffee

By far my favourite Swedish food thing: cinnamon and cardamom buns. SO good, not overly sweet // Since I woke up earlyI treated myself to a very strong cortado at Salong Betong, where next to a coffee you can also get a tattoo.. at the airport. Sweden is so weird sometimes haha!

November in pictures

Mexican lunch in Stockholm, why not? It was really tasty! // This is around 3 pm, I could hardly believe it. I think Sweden is a liiitle nicer in summer, when it's stays light until midnight. Now I understand why Thailand is flooded with Swedes during winter.

NK Stockholm

We stopped at NK, the Selfridges of Sweden. Spotted way too many nice things here and we also saw Conchita Wurst, who was randomly doing a book signing here // my dear friend who I was visiting for the weekend

Saluhall Stockholm skagen

Walked around Saluhall to check out the Swedish delicacies. I tried the toast Skagen from here and it was so fresh!


Cosy dinner time with leek & potato soup from Heston Blumenthal, fresh walnut bread from Fabrique (I swear the best one EVER), salted butter and Swedish cheese. Simple, but the food in Sweden is so good you don't need anything more. // Apparently Araucaria is the new Christmas tree, I saw these in every design and flower shop in Stockholm. It looks like a mix between a palm tree and a Christmas tree, super cool. You can also find them at Ikea now.

November in pictures

The shops in Stockholm are all super nice; all their design stuff is awesome of course, and the light box on the left pic describes my thoughts exactly when I entered this particular store.

Riche swedish meatballs

On top of my Stockholm wish list: real authentic Swedish meatballs. So we went and had them and it was epic and of course way too much. Review coming up! // more design (window)shopping

November in pictures

That moment when you think you'll have an early night but then realise you're the last one to leave the party at 3 am. We had this situation going on on Friday ;) 

Sempre espresso stockholm

Swedes love their coffee and they do it GOOD. On the left you see Kaffe Verket and on the right an Italian coffee at Sempre. I was told these two are some of the best coffee places in town.

Urban deli stockholm

Mochi ice cream heaven at Urban Deli. // Cookie dough heaven at Urban Deli (again) (I want to live inside this shop) 

November in pictures

My friend's boyfriend and I snuck out in the morning to get her the perfect birthday breakfast; fresh buns, juice and a blueberry smoothie. Candles and roses mandatory! // I love when you spend time with people you can 100% be yourself with, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

November in pictures

One more fun night in Stockholm.. before an awfully early morning to catch my Sunday morning flight back to Belgium. I only have myself to blame for booking that early flight!

November in pictures

Coffee and one last cardamom bun at Arlanda // fancy Mustang at the airport, I think some boys would be very happy finding this under the Christmas tree, no? 

Happy December everyone, have a good one!

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