Monday, December 28, 2015

10 things that happen when you cut your hair short

It's been about three weeks now since I cut off half my hair. Okay, it wasn't me who did it, but the hair experts at Daniel Galvin in London. If I'm with a hairdresser who I trust completely, the step to cut it short is so much easier to make. I hadn't planned on cutting it this short, but I just went for it spontaneously and I'm super happy with it! In 2012 I also got a similar haircut so I felt like it was time for a big change again. But there are definitely some ups and downs about cutting a long bob. I've made a list:
10 things that happen when you cut your hair short

1. You'll have a hate-love relationship with your hair the first week. One moment you'll love your new short haircut and the next you'll be missing your long hair. It's part of the process! 

2. Ponytail? The struggle is real. With the length I have at the moment I can just about make a ponytail but still not all my hair 'fits' in it. The times of simply making a ponytail or a messy bun are definitely over (for now)

3. Bobby pins become your best friend. Going back to the previous point, when making a ponytail you'll need at least one bobby pin to pin up those sneaky strands of hair who refuse to be tamed by your hair tie. 

4. You go from using a big dollop of conditioner to a pea-sized drop. "Spread the conditioner over the lengths of your hair"... which lengths? I think I'll do twice as long with one bottle of shampoo & conditioner than I did when I had long hair. Win! 

5. Braids or other fun hairstyles are no longer an option. But that also means spending less time fixing your hair because you pretty much have two options.

6. People around you all have a clear opinion about your new hair style. Apparently it makes me look older, younger, alternative etc.! If you go from long hair to short, get ready for many different (unasked for) opinions. 

7. Your hair dries super fast! I think it air-dries within 30 minutes and with a hairdryer less than 10. Super quick & easy. 

8. The hair-blanket-scarf (girls with long hair will know what I'm talking about) is no longer there to keep your neck warm, so scarves become kind of a must during colder days. 

9. Because you got rid of the hair which has been there for years and years, you're left with the 'young' hair which is healthy and shiny. You'll have the healthiest hair you've had in a long time!

10. Short hair gives you a new kind of confidence. You no longer have long hair to 'hide' behind, and you're showing off your face more, so you're kind of forced to work your new haircut and show it with confidence! 

Though there are some disadvantages (the ponytail thing, arghhh), I love my new haircut! I think it's necessary to cut it short every few years because my hair is so thin. It's also much easier now to create some volume! And no matter what, hair just grows back, so if you're thinking about cutting it, just do it! 

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