Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Start to run | part 7468

So in April I kinda wrote that I'd start to run regularly again, but if I check my Nike Running app it tells me something else. I went for three runs in April, and then the months after that I went for a grand total of 7 runs. Not that bad, but not very impressive either. The reason? Up until July I lived in Munich and absolutely loved going to the gym, so there was no way I'd make time to go for runs on top of 4 workouts a week. When I moved back home in August I went for a few runs but now that I have no gym membership and only go boxing a few times a week I want to take running seriously again. 
Nike running app fall runs

What sparked my motivation? In September I joined two friends for a run and thanks to peer pressure we ran 10 kilometers at an easy pace; a distance I didn't know I would be able to do. But I surprised myself and did it!! Last Sunday I had the strong urge to go running (a rare occasion) so I decided to test out my new running shoes I bought in Buenos Aires (my other ones were stolen). I had 10 km in my mind, but wasn't sure I'd make it, especially not at the pace I started. I started at 5'17'' per kilometer and had my fastest km at 4'49''. When I run alone it's impossible to run at an easy pace.. However even at this pace I enjoyed the whole run and didn't even feel like shortening my run. Now, three days later, my legs are still REALLY sore so I'm definitely untrained, but this run reminded me how good it can feel. 

Now I hope I can keep this feeling in my mind and keep me motivated. Annemerel (still my number 1 running inspirator) has promised to train/advise me for my first half marathon next spring, so now all I have to do is 1) pick a race & sign up and 2) strap on my running shoes and just run. Fall season has the perfect temperature for running so I have no excuses this time, I should go running at least once a week now! Let's see if I can keep up... Do you have any suggestions for which race I should do?

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