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September in pictures

September was a fun month. Although this month also means that summer is coming to an end for real, I do love the 'inbetween' weather. Miserable rainy days followed by super warm days only make you appreciate the good weather more, and it's finally time to enjoy the autumn fruits and vegetables again (apples, mushrooms, pears, all kinds of nuts, kale). I spent a long long weekend in Madrid where the weather was fantastic. I'll make a Madrid hotspot guide for you soon since I discovered many cute little places there! Now let's look back on September before fully switching to cashmere sweaters and roasted chestnuts..

A sneaky yet healthy dessert after dinner: soy yoghurt, frozen raspberries, dark chocolate and coconut chips // my favourite sound in the morning: my little coffee maker

rice paper rolls in the making! check out the recipe here, it was so delicious!

went to town for a little shopping, tried on lots of things but only ended up with two basic t-shirts from COS. They have the BEST t-shirts! // I love the look of the Chanel store in Antwerp... the buildings in Antwerp in general are beautiful!

spotted this teddy coat at Massimo Dutti // kinda like it kinda love it.. unfortunately to look like a huggable teddy bear you'd spend almost 1000 euros which is a liiittle over my budget

Caught our cat Biba snoozing in the sun // bought this weirdly shaped sweet potato which looks like a woman's behind, don't you think?

Aaand off to Madrid I go! I love the new look of terminal A at Brussels Airport, so much better than it was before! Too bad there's no proper good food (yet?) // arrived in Madrid where of course it was way too hot for boots and tights. I met my friend and we headed to our Airbnb, which was close to Plaza Callao

Our Airbnb turned out to be super new (we were the first guests staying there), super central and not expensive at all! What a great find! I'll tell you more in my Madrid guide // we went to check out VFNO after dinner but everything was closed/finished already, oops!

First brekkie in Madrid after a pilates class // amazing avocado toast, yum!

Madrid is so cool and we had beautiful weather all weekend. We didn't take a single metro and just walked around every day all day!

All we did was walk around and stop to eat. I had the perfect guide to show me around Madrid // we headed to La Bicicleta one morning for breakfast after hearing a lot of good things about it but we were so disappointed. The place is not very cosy, unhygienic, the food was average and we had the worst matcha latte ever. I did like the quote on the sugar "life's too short to ride shit bikes", but life's also too short to drink shit matcha latte ;)

The reason why we went to Madrid was to go to the DCODE festival. Though it wasn't really my kind of music I had a blast!

The day after a fun night is always though.. We had a big full lunch to perk ourselves up // We walked around El Rastro market too tired to even find bargains

On Sunday I met my cousin at the Thyssen musem for Vogue's exhibition which is there until the 12th of October. This is definitely one of my favourite museums in the world.

Spanish kids are always dressed up in the cutest little outfits, I love it! // Last dinner in Madrid with this amazing starter: tacos with tuna sashimi and a super spicy chili mayo

Flying back to Belgium. I used to be totally fine with flying but now I get a little bit anxious sometimes, I don't even know why! Am I the only one? // I love this month's issue of Harpbers Bazaar dedicated to animals, so cute

Back in Antwerp, the city with the world's most beautiful central station;) // smoothie bowl for breakfast. I haven't been eating them recently since I prefer eating them in spring/summer. It's all about hot toast and porridge the coming months!

I finally went for a run again, this time with two friends and we had the most gorgeous weather. We ran about 10 km and even though I didn't run this distance since spring it went fine and I was barely sore the day after. We also met these little black curly-haired cows on the way! I secretly hope I'll run a half marathon next spring! I really need to start running more often

what I ate after the run: rye bread with cottage cheese and garden herbs, so yummy // made a super delicious juice, here's the recipe

Collecting fruit and herbs to make juices, it really doesn't get any fresher // the last purple flowers from the garden until next year

Spotted this cute velvet blazer at Mango, it looks much better when you put it on // Outfit of the day, all black with a pop of colour. I love this Dries Van Noten sweater!

More juicing with only ingredients from the garden: apples, mint and kale // I combined this juice with some apple ginger and beetroot juice for a multicolour effect. I'm having so much fun juicing and trying new combinations. I'll share my favourite ones once I've tried more. 

We drove over to France for the weekend. Our first stop was the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. Can you spot the Eiffel tower in the back?

Our hotel room in Chambord had the best view ever, right on the Castle of Chambord // It was the first time for me visiting the castle and I was so impressed.

After learning about Da Vinci's staircase at Chambord in my highschool French class, I was excited to finally walk on it in real life. Definitely the coolest stairs ever // The purpose of our visit to Chambord was to see Bae Bien-u's photography exhibition of photos he took in the forest of Chambord as well as photos he took in South-Korea. Look up his work, it's beautiful because it really captures the beauty of nature.

Sunday morning we woke up at 6 to see the sunrise. I'm really not a morning person but this was worth waking up for // after freezing our tails off we ate a huge French brekky. I don't like croissants so never eat them but when I'm in France I make an exception

On our way back to Belgium we stopped at Villandry to visit the famous vegetable gardens. They were making fresh apple juice here, on the spot, for just 1 euro/bottle

The blue flowers are still in full bloom at Villandry, I love this shade of blue // my new kicks I bought on sale in Madrid. It's not a style I'd usually buy but I fell in love with the colours and pattern

So this monthly review has less photos than usually because I didn't include most of the Madrid pics since I'm saving them for a full Madrid post. Stay tuned for that!

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