Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tricolour slow juices

After years and years of getting expensive (but tasty) juices in hipster juiceries all over the world, it was high time to bring the juicing home. On my birthday I got the best gift ever: my first and very own juicer. I decided to go for a slow juicer and since I heard Hurom juicers are great and Versapers is basically the same thing (they are made in the same factory), I went home with a huge box with a silver Versapers 3G inside it. I've experimented a little bit so far and wanted to share three killer juice combos. 
Versapers 3G juicer juice

Green machine 

Green juices don't always have to taste like a liquid salad. If you add some apples, you get a lovely green and refreshing juice. Adding in some herbs makes the flavour even more interesting and the green colour even brighter. By juicing your greens it's much easier to consume your daily required intake of vegetables!

How to make it 
Juice 3 big handfulls of kale or chard, 2 green apples and some leaves of fresh parsley and mint.

Versapers 3G juicer green slow juice

Carrot crazy

Carrot juice is a great nutritious drink because it contains vitamins A, B, C, E and potassium. It's also really low in calories so it's a good alternative to sweet fruit juices, but not too overwhelming like most vegetable juices. In combination with a little bit of apple and ginger (which helps with digestion problems and inflammation), this carrot juice is the perfect health boost.

How to make it 
Juice 4 big carrots, one apple and a piece of ginger (depending on your taste). Make sure you cut the ginger into smaller piece before juicing so that the fibers don't block the pulp exit. 

Versapers 3G juicer carrot juice

Drop the beet

I've already told you about the benefits of beetroot in this post, so of course I'm so happy to finally make my own beetroot juice. It's super good for your liver and it actually helps your body detoxify. There's no need to do a full-on juice cleanse, drinking beetroot juice will do the work! I love to add some ginger for an extra spicy kick. 

How to make it 
Juice 4 cooked beets,
 1 apple, half a lime (peeled) and a thumb-sized piece of ginger. You can also use uncooked beets but I tried it with cooked beetroot and it works just fine! 

Versapers 3G juicer beetroot juice

Versapers 3G juicer juices

Versapers 3G juicer green slow juice

Like I've said, I use my Versapers 3G juicer to make these slow juices. You can use any juicer for these tricolour juices, however a slow juicer makes sure that the enzymes and vitamins of the fruit & veggies stay intact, without any heat being produced which could affect the juice quality. The most surprising thing about the Versapers is that it barely makes any noise. In juice bars you always have that terrible loud noise from the juicers, so I was a bit afraid about buying a juicer, but the Versapers 3G is actually really silent! I'm in love with my juicer and use it a few times a week, not every day since the juices stay fresh up to 48 hours when you keep them in the fridge. I'm sure I'll share more combinations when I find good ones, it's just a process of trial and error so far. Let me know if you would like a proper review of the Versapers juicer? If you have any good juice combos let me know as well! 

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