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August in pictures

Only 4 months left till 2015 is over already, wahhh! Time for a little recap of August (we're already one week into September but let's ignore that fact). August is always a good month because it's my birthday and it's still summer. Get ready for lots of food pics and a bit of travel!

Plant-based lunch // yukimi daifuku made of coconut milk

The first real summer evening at the Belgian coast must be celebrated with a barbecue (which was also my first 'cheat meal' of my 21 days of veganism)

Went for a morning run by the beach and a nice guy gave me a fresh TAO at the halfway point, perfect // stopped by Surfer's Paradise to rent a paddleboard. The water was pretty cold though!

As kids we used to make these paper flowers to trade on the beach for seashells, did anyone else do this? Pure nostalgia // I swear the North Sea has the most beautiful sunsets

Homemade cashew milk: one cup of soaked cashews, cinnamon, 5 soaked dates, all mixed up. Quite delicious! // found some shii-takes, super happy because it's one of my favourite mushrooms

favourite (vegan) brekky: smoothie bowl with MyMuesli paleo muesli and blueberries // sweet peas, by far the best summer flowers

Went off to a little weekend in Amsterdam and it felt sooo good! // amazing snack combo for coconut lovers: coconut water and a Trek coconut protein bar yumm

Playing tourist in Amsterdam. We had such great weather and basically walked around all weekend, stopping here and there for food and shopping

Anna+Nina is just the cutest store! I bought the cutest gold bangle here

My favourite Amsterdam brunch at Scandinavian Embassy #notsovegan

I'm loving everything about Nike's new fall items, like the colour of this top and the leopard pattern sneakers

Went over to C T Coffee & Coconuts for breakfast. The buckwheat porridge was so good and my juice looked beautiful, what a cool place!

Spotted these mini Givenchy Antigona clutches, super cute, I love all mini bags // Remember my flatmate's cat? I slept over at my flatmates' house in my old room and the cat slept on my bed all night

Relaxing in the sun with some water // showing the girls the yummiest ice cream in Amsterdam

I really miss Marqt. We really don't have this Whole Foods kind of place in Belgium, and here they even stock my favourite peanut butter and almond butter // on my way back home with a salad from SLA and a good book

Even though we have three cats, only one of them is best friends with our dog Nocho. They are so cute when they sleep together // best. snack. ever.

Picked over 200 sweet peas one morning. It pays off when you're gone for two days! // finally took these sneakers out for a run. They are made for running but I had only used them at the gym in Munich. They are the best running kicks (and the prettiest) I've tried so far!

On my birthday we went to Bún in Antwerp for some Vietnamese food // at night I felt like having a relaxed dinner with lots of smaller dishes and cheeses from Van Tricht (best cheeses in Antwerp). This burrata tomato salad was my favourite

I asked my sister to make a similar dessert as to what we had in Florence and she totally nailed it! Would you like to have the recipe? // inside the whipped cream there were chunks of this chocolate called Awajun, some of the best chocolate ever by the Chocolate Makers (you can buy it at Marqt)

At Lidl they have special tills which are the 'healthy choice' tills. They are different because the snacks at these tills are not sweets and chocolate bars, but dried fruit and nuts. // At Albert Heijn I spotted these natural snacks for school, funny how we would have never had that when 'we' were still in school

This cat is the most ridiculous // time for the last little trip of August, together with my sister

At Frankfurt they are so many tasty food shops. Meyer was our favourite because you could buy juices, salads, yoghurts and fruit. In the end we bought quark with raspberry and paninis for on the long flight to Buenos Aires. Security kind of ruined our breakfast plans because they made us eat the quark since it's a liquid :(

We landed in Argentina on Sunday morning after the longest flight. I watched a few movies including Age of Adeline which I loved! First stop in BA? Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. A little ironic since it's Belgian ;) 

The rest of the day was spent strolling through Palermo, my favourite neighbourhood // at night we had to stop ourselves from falling asleep over our big steaks at El Mirasol

Early morning, gotta love the time difference! Porridge and a blueberry smoothie for breakfast // my favourite spot in the flat is on the mini balcony, right in the sun. Though it's winter on this side of the world, we were so lucky and had 26 degrees on some days

One sad thing happened: my favourite Nike Free running shoes were stolen from my suitcase. I had planned on doing sports so I bought a new pairs of Nikes since I only brought a total of two pairs of shoes with me (of which one was stolen) // Happy to go to a gym again! I went 4 times so I was quite active on my holiday:)

How fun are these little plants? The roots are wrapped in a ball of moss, super smart // Does this look familiar? Since in Argentina they copy literally everything from Europe, it's no surprise that there's an exact copy of Joe & The Juice here, minus the good looking guys. The juices were way cheaper though

More walking in Palermo // Carrot juice at Farinelli

Am I as strong as this guy yet? // tropical feeling in winter, so strange. I wish our winters were like this

Delicious and juicy passion fruit, better than what we have back home // We had a feast lunch at Sudestada, my favourite place in Buenos Aires. Review coming soon!

We had coffee on afternoon at Birkin Café. I loved everything about this place, but especially the name! // Spotted this cool building/shop in Recoleta

One evening we stopped by an art exhibition where we found a cotton-candy filled room! It wasn't real cotton candy of course but I was tempted to touch it!

After the exhibition we headed next door to Camping, a super cosy outdoor place with a little snack and drink bar. We went for hotdogs and sweetcorn, simple but delicious

From our relaxed dinner we went to Fuerza Bruta, a really cool show (a little bit like Cirque Du Soleil). They travel all over the world so go see them when you get a chance!

I had way too much coffee, sometimes four a day and I usually drink two maximum // standard nap spot in the sun

Quick outfit. I only took one outfit pic since I basically wore the same things the whole week. I've never packed this minimal;) I wish I'd brought more shoes though // another copy, can you guess what it is? (not hard!)

On the last full day we walked all the way to Puerto Madero, by the Rio de la Plata. It's more windy and 'open' here, which I love. Here you can also see Calatrava's pedestrian bridge

We checked out the Faena Hotel which is in Puerto Madero. The hotel is huge, really cool and has a nice pool. Check out this dining room with unicorns! In the movie 'Focus' with Will Smith and Margot Robbie there's a scene in this hotel

On Friday we went out for a drink at the Pony Line bar at the Four Seasons Hotel. I had a really tasty green tea cocktails and we shared a big hummus platter, super tasty. I've heard that the burgers are really good here too

Time for my last workout in Buenos Aires. I decided to go for a run but it wasn't easy because I had to look out for cars and dog poop all the time haha! I ran 5 km and did some intervals on those stairs: 10 times up and down, really fast, I was dead afterwards

The cutest mini hamburguesas at The Park Hyatt hotel // my sister and I always manage to match our outfits without doing it on purpose (okay that's not too hard when you wear black most of the time)

In BA there are many dog walkers who have up to 10 dogs. This dog walker took it a little extreme though, he had 17 dogs, crazy! I felt bad for the dogs, they can barely enjoy their walk this way // I love randomly discovering new places. The Shelter Coffee just opened and had really good flat whites and a dark/manly interior.

For our final breakfast we went to Le Pain Quotidien again since everything else we had in mind was closed on Sunday (WHY??). But it was tasty! // ready to fly, in matching outfits again

This little cactus was sad to see us leave :( he's like "nooo please don't go!"

This is a vague pic but I wanted to show you how well prepared we were for the flight. When breakfast was served we skipped it because we had made banana pancakes and brought blueberries. THE BEST! // In Frankfurt we spent our whole day almost because our flight to Brussels was cancelled. Enough time for naps and lunch at Meyer. I can't explain how good it felt to come home and shower!

So that was my August. Time is going way too fast, I'm still holding on to summer, I don't want it to end!

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