Wednesday, June 10, 2015

3 strength exercises for a better booty

My favourite time at the gym is when I train my legs & booty. Booty building (as I like to call it) is hard work, but it's fun to see the progress of the work you put in. I like to try new exercises here and there to keep my workouts interesting and different muscles engaged. Alexandra Bring is one of my favourite people on Instagram for fitness inspiration, and I've picked up so many exercises from her. I'll share some of her favourite exercises which are great for your legs and butt. 
4 strength exercises for a better booty Alexandra Bring

1. Deadlifts
I only recently incorporated deadlifts into my routine because it always scared me off a little... I mean that name.. However, I can't believe I never tried, because I love it! This exercise is great for you hamstrings, butt, lower back and even your abs. Make sure someone helps you out with the correct technique and start with low weight at first. I do three sets of 10 reps. Good for the bum, not so good for your pretty hands (lifters will know what I'm talking about)

2. Bulgarian split squat & jumping Bulgarian split squat 
This one is a K.I.L.L.E.R. Do one set of Bulgarian split squats with weight of your choosing (I usually take 8-10 kg dumbbells, 10 reps), and follow-up with 10 reps of jumping Bulgarian split squats. Take a small break and repeat two more times. Your legs will burn for sure! I always had Bulgarian split squats in my routine but the jumping split squats take it to a whole new level!

3. Jumping lunges 
This is the perfect exercise to do at the end of your routine, right before stretching. Your legs will feel tired near the end, but this exercise squeezes the last bits of energy and strength out. I keep my hands together in front of my chest but if you have a hard time balancing hold them out in front of you like in the video below. I usually do three sets of 10 jumping lunges (on each legs, so 20 total per set). Your legs will feel like jelly after this, trust me. 

Check out the videos below to see the exercises in action (as much as I'd like to show you them myself, I think it's better I leave it to a pro!)

These were only some of the exercises I use in my leg/butt routine. Check out this post from Alexandra to see more. Follow her on Instagram to find new exercises, that's how I do it and I always really like the exercises she shows! What are your favourites?

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