Sunday, May 17, 2015

6 types of people at the gym

I started going to the gym in January 2014, so I still consider myself a gym noob. But I’ve been to the gym long enough to recognise and categorise some of the types of people you’ll meet at the gym. I’ve encountered all of these, so I hope it sounds somewhat familiar to all of you who also go to the gym ;) I’ve divided the list into two posts because there are more types than I thought. Part two will be posted tomorrow, enjoy!
1. The know-it-all: Carefully asking “can I give you some advice?” when seeing someone doing an exercise wrong might be okay to do on some occasions. But pointing, shaking your head and saying you’re doing it wrong is totally not okay. I didn’t ask for your opinion, and the way you say it is not cool. This guy might know his exercises but clearly needs a lesson in tact. 

2. The lurker: This guy/girl is kind of fit and usually stands against the wall or in a corner. He/she will be staring shamelessly at other people, which can definitely make anyone feel uncomfortable. It’s just plain rude, stop it. And please avoid all kinds of eye contact when someone else is doing his/her set. If you like what you see, approach the person at an appropriate moment, not mid-squat.

3. The talker: This person spends his whole afternoon at the gym, doing some exercises here and there but mostly talking to friends/strangers. Not only does he spend 15 minutes at one machine while taking ‘breaks’ to talk to others, but they also start endless conversations when you’re in the middle of your flow. The talker is easy to avoid with 1) a resting bitch face and 2) earphones + music at all times.

4. The slick guy: This guy is always doused in some strong men’s cologne (preferably Abercrombie), wearing a t-shirt with a cringe worthy gym quote*, and showing off in every possible way. He might also ask you about your work-out and give some advice (which you never asked for) 
*I've seen this exact one at my gym, yikes 

5. The grunter: This is a guy who thinks he’s a professional tennis player, playing his final set at Wimbledon. He grunts his way through every set, and makes noises that no longer sound human. Very distracting. However this type will also bring you closer to your other gym peers, since you can’t resist a mutual giggle. 

6. The hipster: this guy is not so much different than anyone else, except for the converse, mustard yellow knee-socks, beard/moustache, foggy glasses and sweatbands. He’s so hipster it hurts and you can’t help but wonder where he found this outfit.

Part two will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned for 6 more gym types (edit: find part two here). Do any of these sound familiar to you?
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