Monday, May 18, 2015

6 types of people at the gym pt. II

This is part two of yesterday's post, so check that one first if you haven't already! Here's 6 more types of people you'll see at the gym..

7. The obnoxious couple: You won’t come across this type very often but when you do, you’ll cringe. The couple wears matching outfits, do their crunches in a synchronised manner and exchange sweaty kisses. The girl is usually slightly unfit and does a few passive exercises while the guy does his thing in the weight section. For her it always takes too long and looks bored until he finally gives up and decides to call it a day while he had at least 6 more sets to do. 

8. The hoarder: probably one of the most common and annoying types. You don't only see extreme hoarders on TV, but also at the gym. This type claims to be doing 10 different exercises at the same time which is why he needs 6 different dumbbells, 2 medicine balls, one step, a skipping rope and 2 pairs of kettle bells. Don’t you dare touch his equipement because he’ll snap at you “I’m still using that”

9. The spoiled brat: this is the kind of guy who never listened to his mom when she asked him to clean up his room. He assumes someone’s always there to clean up after him which is why he never re-racks his weights, and leaves everything as it is after he’s done. This type is highly irritating because you either spend 5 minutes finding the right weight/equipment or taking off the weights he just used. 

10. The passive elliptical reader: this woman made the effort to come to the gym, but that’s also where the effort stops. She takes out her romantic novel and proceeds to passively and ever so slightly “exercise” on the elliptical for an hour. Once the hour is over, you can’t tell if she’s just arrived or not because there’s no drop of sweat in sight. But in her defence she did read 200 pages in her book so that’s a success right?

11. The sweater: sadly not as in “jumper” but as in excessively sweating and leaving a trace of drops behind. Everyone sweats, it’s normal. But please don’t leave your mark on every single machine and mat you use. Those wipes are there for a reason. The next level of this type is the smelly sweater, who A) doesn’t wear deodorant and B) wears the same outfit on consecutive days without washing. Ew. Just ew. 

12. The nudist: I don’t know about the guys’ changing room, but in the ladies changing room there’s always that one lady (usually a bit saggy & older) who’s not afraid to flaunt it and walks around all-nude like she’s at home. She also doesn’t make any effort to cover up whatsoever and dries her hair, applies lotion etc. without even thinking about putting underwear on. And if it isn’t awkward enough, her locker happens to be located right next to yours so when you bend down to pick up your shoes, your face is all of the sudden dangerously close to her bare butt. 

Do you recognise any of these gym types? Please take this post with a pinch of salt, I don’t mean to offend but I’m just trying to categorise some of the types I’ve come across in my “gym career”. It's stereotypical but hopefully it made you laugh a bit! What's your least favourite gym type?

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