Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just beet it

I only just started eating beetroot last year. My mother used to make us eat it when we were little "because it's good for you", but I never really liked it. Last year I found out how good beetroot actually is for your body: it helps the liver's detoxification processes, it's an excellent source of fibre, folic acid, potassium, pectin and it lowers cholesterol levels. So I decided I had to incorporate this real superfood into my diet and now, one year later, I eat it almost daily! I usually have it in salads, so I wanted to share my favourite beetroot salad with you today. 
Some runners drink beetroot juice in the run-up to a race because it lowers blood pressure and it boosts endurance. Others incorporate beetroot into their diet because - aside from all the health benefits - it helps keep your skin clear and glowing. Beetroot is just awesome and you might need to get used to the taste and 'learn' how to eat it but your body will be so grateful!

And the best part is that cooked beetroot can be found in every supermarket and it usually costs no more than 1 euro for 5 cooked beets. It's one of the cheapest superfoods/detox foods out there! Alternatively you can drink beetroot juice daily but I also like to have beetroot in salads. This salad is one of my favourites and I often make it (and even bring it to work!)

What you need:
- 2 cooked beetroots
- 2 handfuls of rocket salad
- 1 handful of crumbled feta cheese
- small handful of pecan nuts
- small handful of sunflower seeds
- a bit of fresh coriander 
- 3 medjool dates 
- dash of olive oil
- juice from half a lemon

How to make it:
Slice up the beets and toss them in a bowl with the rocket and coriander. Then squeeze the lemon over it and add some olive oil. Slice the dates, and add these along with the pecans and sunfower seeds to the salad. Crumble the feta cheese on top and you're done! Now you have a delicious, filling salad which has all the flavours and textures to make your tastebuds happy: salty feta, sweet beetroot, sharp rocket, sticky dates and crunchy pecans. One of my favourite salads of the moment!

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