Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Body & Fit order

Today's post is only for the Dutchies and Belgians. Body & Fit is a Dutch webshop which sells over 4000 different products, all related to health & fitness. Think supplements, protein bars and all kinds of super foods. They sell branded products such as my favourite Meridian nut butters, Gold Standard Whey (I always get Double Chocolate, SO good!) and Roo Bars. I regularly place an order on Body & Fit, so today I wanted to share with you my most recent purchases. There's always so much to choose from, which makes it impossible to pick a normal amount of products!
This was my order (all products from Body&Fit's own brand):
- Naturel Pindakaas Poeder
- Naturel Notenpasta
- Pure Amandelpasta
- Pure Chiazaad
- Pure Cacao Nibs
- Whey Isolaat Crispy 

And then I got a few gifts: one Whey Isolaat Perfection sachet and the Smart Cooking Spray. You always get gifts with your order, depending on how much you spend. But the gifts are always nice and useful!

Whey Isolaat Crispy
These are basically little crispy balls of protein. One box of crispies contains 78 grams of whey protein, and zero sugar. They are pretty much taste-less, so it's purely to add a bit of protein as a topping on your yoghurt, muesli, smoothie etc. I like this and I've ordered it a few times already! -buy here-

Naturel Pindakaas Poeder
This is a new product I tried but I don't like it so much. It's peanut butter in powder form, so you need to add water and then you have peanut butter. It has more protein than regular PB, and less fat. It sounded ideal to me, until I tried it. It doesn't taste like real peanut butter at all, which sucks because it would have been perfect. I add this to smoothies and banana bread, but still eat the real deal  when I need my peanut butter fix. -buy here-

Pure Cacao Nibs
These don't need much explaining. I love cacao nibs and add it to every breakfast, whether that's banana pancakes, rice crackers, oatmeal or smoothie bowls. These are really cheap compared to other brands. It gives you energy and it's high in antioxidants. -buy here

Naturel Amadelpasta 
My favourite type of nut butter is still almond butter. This one is 100% pure and natural without anything else added. Meridian's almond butter is still my favourite but this one is quite similar so deserves second place. -buy here-

Natural Notenpasta
This mixed nut butter is made up of 35% peanuts, 25% hazelnuts, 20% cashews and 20% almonds. Both nut butters are really smooth and creamy. This also has no additives, it's all natural and so cheap! -buy here-

Pure Chiazaad
This big bag of chia seeds is cheaper than in most shops, and also a really easy to add to your breakfast, smoothies and salads. I always have chia seeds in my cupboard! -buy here-

Smart Cooking Spray
This came as a gift with my order. I was curious to try this cooking spray, since it's meant to by quick, easy and low in calories. I've used it a few times, and it's easy to quickly grease the pan before frying something. But it's also a little messy, because when you spray, there's a cloud of oil which comes out and doesn't only land in your pan, but all around the kitchen and your clothes. Not the most convenient thing, but plus-points for being low in calories -buy here-

Shakebeker Mini Pink
I didn't order this, but have a small collection of these since you often get these as a gift when ordering (smart branding trick too!). It's a pink little shaker, how can you not love it? I use this for protein shakes, or to bring smoothies to work or the gym. It's cute, opaque (so you don't see the lovely protein shake colour) and easy to clean, so definitely pick this when you pick out your gift at the till! -or buy here-

Some examples of how I use my Body & Fit products:

Even though I'm not a fan of all their products (such as their own brand protein.. order Gold Standard instead), I love Body & Fit because the products are relatively cheap and always good quality. The choice is huge, delivery is fast and the gifts are nice. So far they only deliver to the Netherlands and Belgium, but hopefully they will expand soon because I can't get these products in Munich. Have any of you ordered from Body & Fit before?

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