Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 little luxuries worth the splurge

For today's post I thought I'd share 5 things which I love, and I really think are worth the splurge. They are not all expensive or luxurious, but I just mean that you could easily do without or use an alternative to these. But they just make my life a little better! These are a few of my favourite little luxuries which I splurge on without regrets.
Spring flowers

iPod shuffle
Not exactly a luxury, but more of a necessity for me. Even though I could easily listen to music on my iPhone, I need my iPod too. This little one is actually new because my last one was over 6 years old and it was definitely time for my buddy to retire. This iPod shuffle is so tiny it almost gets lost in my pocket. But it gives me the most important thing during my workout: music! If you do sports, an iPod shuffle is definitely worth it!
Louis Vuitton Patent red keyholder

Louis Vuitton wallet
I can't exactly remember when I got this (as a gift), but it must be more than 5 years ago. And I've been using it every single day since then. It holds all my essential cards and some cash (I keep coins in a coin pouch). You can also hang your keys on here so it's absolutely perfect. It's a little worn, but still almost looks as if I got it last year. It's a little investment, but you'll enjoy it for life. Find cool ones herehere and here. 
Louis Vuitton Patent red keyholder

Fresh flowers 
This is a different kind of 'investment', but one I also couldn't live without. When I've bought a fresh bunch of flowers it kind of feels like winning the lottery every time. Flowers can change a room instantly, it gives so much "life" to the indoors and of course it smells great and looks beautiful. Flowers don't need to be expensive, just go for seasonal ones. For example they just started selling peonies at the market, but since the peony season only really starts in May they are still really expensive now. I buy a fresh bunch of flowers every week and put them in 2 or 3 little vases, so I can have flowers all over my flat. A little luxury I couldn't live without.

Nocs earphones
I've written about these earphones quite often, but since some of you might be new to my blog, I thought I'd talk about my beloved Nocs earphones again. I'm pretty much a Nocs ambassador, they should really start paying me;) Earphones might not be something you want to invest in, because "any will do" right? But trust me, once you've tried these, you'll be spoilt for life and you'll never go back to anything less than Nocs. They don't hurt your ears, they are noise cancelling and the sound is really clear. Can't image any better earphones than these! 
Nocs Earphones iPod shuffle

Diptique roomspray
I bought this roomspray in the winter of 2013 I think. There's now 1/3 left in the bottle which means it has lasted me one and a half years already. While Diptique candles are super popular (and I love them too), I feel like the room sprays are worth the investment even more because you don't 'waste' any of it, like you would when you forget to blow out the candle and before you know it you've burnt half of it in one night (or am I the only one?) I would definitely choose to buy another one of these rather than a candle, even if candles look nicer. Diptique roomsprays are so underrated!
Diptyque Cypres roomspray

So now, tell me, what are the small luxuries you buy for yourself or use on a daily basis?

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