Saturday, March 14, 2015

One weekend in Vienna

If you read my February diary, you'll know that I went to Vienna a while back. It was a short weekend but we managed to see quite a bit of what this beautiful city has to offer. So today I'm sharing some of those places with you!

Albertina museum
Vienna is culturally very rich, which makes the museums really worth visiting. The Albertina museum is one of the famous Viennese museums with some of the greatest works by Dürer, Richter, Picasso, Fontana, Giacometti.. amongst others.

Fontana - Albertina Museum
Giacometti - Albertina Museum
Richter - Albertina Museum
Richter - Albertina Museum
Richter - Albertina Museum
Dürer - Albertina Museum

Right next to the Albertina museum, you'll find the Palmenhaus. It's located in a huge greenhouse. This is one of the coolest restaurant locations ever! On the left of it there is a butterfly garden and on the right there's a real greenhouse, so you really feel like you're having your juice in the jungle (kinda). Stop over for fresh juices, some lunch or afternoon tea. 

Kunsthistorisches museum
The Kunsthistorisches museum is kind of like the Louvre of Vienna. It's absolutely huge and there is SO much to see, so take a good few hours if you're planning a visit. It has everything you can think of, from Greek & Egyptian statues to Dutch masters such as Vermeer & Rembrandt. This museum was our favourite of all the ones we visited. 

This patissier & chocolaterie is a real institution in Vienna. They have classic Viennese sweets and cakes, and you're sent back in time when entering this place. Old-fashioned and traditional! I had a delicious afpel strudel here, a typical Austrian dessert. Demel might be a little touristy and pricey but it's still worth a visit!

We didn't actually get to see this on the inside, but I still wanted to include one of Vienna's most important buildings. The multi-colours tiled roof is what makes it really special and unlike any other cathedral I've ever seen. The roof is so steep that even when it snows a lot the snow just slides off, so you can see the tiles all-year-round. 

Onyx bar
This bar reminds me a bit of the W hotel bar in London. The view of Stephansdom is incredible, but the place feels like it was really cool.. 3 years ago. The cocktails nonetheless are huge and tasty. It's a cool location, but it's also a bit tacky so don't expect too much. Still worth a mention :)

Schloss Belvedere
This Baroque palace is really impressive as you can see on the photos. There's a museum inside which didn't impress me like the other museums in Vienna, but the Klimt works are still worth going in for. You'll all know The Kiss by Klimt, and it was cool to see it in real life. I also saw some people running here so it seems like the perfect cultural running spot, especially since the gardens go uphill. 

Peterskirche | St. Peter's Church
A beautiful Baroque church which definitely deserves a visit. Climb all the way to the very top of the church for a panoramic view of Vienna. Not suitable for anyone who's afraid of heights though! It feels like you're climbing the stairway to heaven :)

This building was set up by a group of Viennese artists, led by Gustav Klimt. It also symbolises the birth of Art Nouveau in Vienna. In the basement of the Secession, there's a huge frieze by Klimt. The rest of the contemporary art in the museum wasn't to my taste, but the building itself is really interesting to see.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through Vienna. There are so many more things to see here so I will definitely return one day. We also had an incredible dinner which I'll write more about in the next post, so stay tuned!

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