Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Munich first impressions

Since you seemed to quite like my Amsterdam first impressions post, I'm making one about Munich. What's the first random things I noticed about Munich after living here for two weeks? Continue to read and you'll find out...

First impressions of Munich: 

- The bread is amazing here. My biggest food-frustration (yea that's a thing) in London was the quality of bread. Bread in Belgium is pretty good but bread in Germany is honestly the best! Walnut bread is my favourite, and I bought one at Manufactum last weekend, which might have been the best bread I've ever tasted. Simply with salted butter or olive oil it tastes delicious. 

- Munich is clean, the streets are clean, people don't smoke as much as in London/Amsterdam (aka no cigarette  butts on the street). It's generally cleaner than any other place I've lived.

- Not everyone speaks English. This is the first country where I live, where I don't speak the language. I speak a little bit of German and understand quite a bit, but some people don't speak any other language than German, so there's a bit of a language barrier. Hopefully my German will be much better in a few months! 

- Some parts of the city smell like malt and beer because of the beer breweries. It's a kind of sweet malty scent which I like. A true beer city!

- There's almost as many cycling paths as in Amsterdam. As opposed to London it feels very safe to bike here so I'm really glad I brought my bike. Biking to work is something I got used to in Amsterdam, it's quicker than public transport, free, wakes you up in the morning and it's awesome! (Except when it rains, hails or snows hah)

- Which brings me to my next point. The last couple of the days it has snowed a lot, which has made me wonder whether I should A) learn how to bike again, Munich style, in the snow (= trying not to slip) B) get snow chains/winter tyres for my bike, if that even exists (just kidding) or C) give up my Amsterdam-attitude of taking the bike everywhere, no matter what the weather's like ;) 

- All food and restaurants is generally of relatively high quality in Munich, a big plus! 

- Shops are closed on Sunday. Bakeries and cafes are open, but if you happen to run out of eggs, milk, contact lens solution, toothpaste or any other essential, you'll have to wait until Monday. This means that Sunday is truly a lazy day here, which is also kind of nice because the city it very calm. 

- Since the nearest skiing place is about an hour away, you see people on public transport with skis in their hands, and little kids at school in ski-suits who go skiing for the day. I'm still amazed by this, I mean how cool is that?? Today I also saw a man do langlaufen in the middle of the city. This seems a little too crazy to me and it really made me laugh! 

- Munich the coldest city I've ever lived in. I didn't think this through properly before moving here, but thankfully my one proper winter coat has been keeping me warm. Cashmere sweaters and thick socks are pretty essential here! 

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