Monday, January 26, 2015

Lack of motivation

So I have a little confession to make.. up until today I hadn't been to the gym for almost two months *shock and horror* 

Okay, there was the occasional at home work-out or short 5 km run, but going from working out 3 to 5 times a week to almost no working out was a big change for me. The reason is simple. After Amsterdam and before Munich, I spent two months at home in Antwerp. Being home is the most comfortable thing ever.. you could say it's almost too comfortable.. Eating a lot of good food, planning on working out but then deciding against it *lazy*. And it was Christmas time etc., but I KNOW that's not a valid excuse. I had no motivation, and I felt like not having the right equipment was a good excuse not to work out. Obviously it wasn't, and I definitely could have continued doing the Kayla Itsines work-outs (I did about 6 of those workouts I think). But I got lazy an unmotivated. 

No problem! Everyone goes through this at some point, even the fittest people. I literally could not wait to get a new gym membership in Munich and just get back on track. During those weeks I didn't workout, I got sick, I had much less energy and generally felt less good about myself (both physically and mentally). Working out seriously makes me a happier person, and although I had no motivation to work out, I missed it. A lot. 

So for me THE thing to get back on track was my move to Munich (aka a new gym). Today I had my first workout in what felt like ages, and it felt so good (not looking forward to sore muscles though haha). The gym I picked is the coolest I've ever been to, I can't wait to get back into my routine, try some new things. There's a kickboxing class on Friday which I will try! I do feel like I lost muscle and strength, but apparently there's a thing such as muscle memory, so I have good faith that in a couple of weeks I'll have gained back most of my strength. 

Even though I work full-time again now, I'm planning on working out about 4 times a week, just like I did in Amsterdam. Working full-time is not an excuse to not work out. I go to the gym straight after work, and for me, it reduces stress, gives more energy and makes me sleep better. And of course your body gets fitter and stronger. I'm glad to be getting back on track! Do you have any tips to get more motivated after a long period of not working out/not eating well?

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