Thursday, January 1, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dear readers. Before it's time to look forward, I'm looking back at my 2014. The year in which…

I got my bachelor diploma in Public Relations 

I got off my lazy ass and got a gym membership. I admit got a bit addicted to working out. 

I started drinking coffee for real. First iced latte’s, then the real deal. And now I need coffee every day. (I’m not sure whether this is a good thing haha)

I ran my first race together with one of my biggest running inspirations, Annemerel, her sister and my best friends. We Own The Night was so fun and I definitely want to do it again in 2015. And since I ran a PR I have something to beat in 2015!

I got to cross ‘Oktoberfest’ off my (imaginary) bucket list!

I wrote my first “book” a.k.a. my bachelor thesis. It was hard work but it was also the best feeling having the printed version in my hands.

I cooked myself some damn good meals, but also had some incredible food at restaurants. 

I turned 21 and celebrated with all my loved ones around

I finally got around to taking my drivers test and pass it right away, yippieee (I couldn’t believe it!)

I met and got to know some awesome new people

I was lucky to travel to Spain, France, Germany, Argentina and Chile, AND lived in London, Amsterdam and Antwerp

I got hooked on sweet potato fries.

In 2015, I hope to travel to new places, learn new things, run another race, discover new recipes, become more fit, learn German (this is a hint as to where I’m going next) and continue to blog of course, I’m taking you along! Have a healthy & happy 2015 everyone!
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