Sunday, January 18, 2015

10 iPhone apps I use & love

I once wrote a post about my favourite apps, but that was ages ago AND I accidentally removed that post (amateur blogger hah!) So I wanted to share my favourite apps I use on my iPhone. Some I use daily, some only once in a while, but they are all worth mentioning. So here's my top ten favourite apps: 

1. Instagram
My number one favourite. Kind of an obvious one, since almost everyone loves this app! It's my favourite social media channel because I love looking at beautiful/funny/cool photos and you always get some inspiration, whether it's fashion, food or sport. (follow me for lots of food and Munich photos)

2. CityMapper
This app is amazing. It's the easiest app to use when getting around in a (new) city. Just type in the place where you want to go and Citymapper will give you ALL the options of how to get there. It's really user friendly! You can even choose a "rainproof" option if you don't want to get wet. I used this app all the time when I lived in London. The app has Milan, Berlin, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Tokyo, SF Bay Area and Mexico DF. New cities get added sometimes so hopefully it will be Munich soon! 

3. Whatsapp
I love Whatsapp because of the group chats. When you're meeting up with more people or trying to organise something, Whatsapp is super convenient to have since you can share location etc. and you don't have to write 10 messages to 10 different people. Also it's THE way for me to stay in touch with my family and my best friends from London. Sharing voice messages is my favourite :) 

4. Bloglovin
If I'm a little bit bored or I need to wait the first app I check is Instagram, and the second app is always Bloglovin. I follow my favourite blogs on here, and it's fun to read a post here and there throughout the day. 

5. Looksee
I downloaded this one quite recently, and I like it so far, especially the design of the app. You do have to buy extra filters, which is the only downside. I bought the Peace Love Shea filters because it has a "selfie" filter which makes your selfie that little bit better.

6. Whitagram
This app is simple but effective. If you have a nice photo which isn't a perfect square, this app will fill up the extra space with white. I like to use this effect sometimes when I don't want half the photo to be cut off.

7. Afterlight
I never use the Instagram filters to edit photos. Instead I use Afterlight. It has tons of filters and makes your photo look really nice of course;) It also allows you to add "light effects" such as sunlight. 

8. Google Maps
If I'm in a city which isn't on Citymapper I always use the Google Maps app. Easy to use and you can use the map offline too but I still prefer Citymapper!

9. DuoLingo
Want to learn a new language? On Duolingo you can learn a new language step by step. It has loads of levels so it will definitely teach you a thing or two! The only downside is that you need internet for this. I'm learning some German on Duolingo at the moment but they offer quite a few other languages. 

10. Wunderlist
I love having to-do lists. I always think of things I need to do when I'm about to sleep at night and of course always forget about it! On Wunderlist you can make several to-do lists. The lists I have are "work", "groceries" and "personal". Whenever I think of something I put it on the list. I only downloaded the app recently so haven't discovered all the features yet but so far I love it!

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