Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November in pictures

November passed by in a whirl. On the first of November, I landed in Buenos Aires for a lovely holiday in Argentina and Chile, and after that I've spent my time in Belgium. I must admit I kind of miss Amsterdam now! But next week it's time for Christmas shopping in London which is the best thing ever. Today I've been setting up the Christmas tree so I'm feeling really festive!

when I moved home from Amsterdam, I didn't put away my duvet until the next morning. Of course I found our cat Biba snuggled up in it! // during my internship I had the best manager ever, who spoiled me rotten! On my last day, I gifted her Ottolenghi's new book as a thank-you, and she gave me exactly the same thing! I can't wait to try some recipes

Hello Buenos Aires! These beautiful trees were flowering all over the city // next stop: Neuquén

Standard Argentine dinner: a massive piece of steak and thin potato fries with pumpkin puree

My sister made a delicious chocolate banana cake, I need to ask her for the recipe! // this exact Jo Malone copy made me laugh. It's called Roses are Roses and apparently it has some good products (not like Jo Malone though)

 The best zoo I've ever visited: Bubalco in General Roca. Beautiful animals and surroundings

The most impressive white tigers  // making new lemur friends

during our trip we drove from Argentina to Chile, which is one of the most beautiful countries. The landscapes are stunning: volcanoes, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, forrests...

Taking in the view! // horseback riding with my sister!

Riding through the woods and spotting deer in the meantime. I've really missed horseback riding, I used to do it once a week when I was younger

 A yummy little breakfast overlooking the Chilean volcanoes. // snuck in a few workouts during the holiday

One rainy morning, we visited a hotspring in Chile. We were almost the only ones there and tried out all of the different pools (more than 20 I think!). The hottest one was 45 degrees! After that we felt so sleepy and warm :) (info here)

On our way back to Argentina, with gloomy weather and impressive landscapes // first batch of cherries of the season, straight from the plantation. We ate these at the airport, waiting for out flight back to Buenos Aires. As you can see I was writing a travel journal. It takes a bit of time to write it but it's so nice to read again years later

Back in B.A. // it was around 30 degrees so an ice-cream break was in order

Argentina has so many shops we don't have in Europe, my favourite was Rapsodia, which is a mix between Isabel Marant and Anthropologie // the cool Nike store in Palermo 

my favourite area we visited: Palermo // my favourite food from the trip: Sudestada in Palermo! 

Jungle-inspired shops and colours in Palermo

I absolutely loved this green concept store/café. It's called Pehache and it's one of the coolest stores I've ever seen, I wanted to buy everything! (info here)

Another new discovery for me was this Argentinian brand called Las Pepas, they have some really cute stuff

Colourful little restaurants in the city // Harper's Argentina and Cocoa Cola Life before take-off! Sadly I lost this Bazaar somewhere between Buenos Aires and London :(

Sunrise in London! We had a layover here so I ate a delicious porridge from Pret A Manger (the best porridge!) In the late morning we arrived in Belgium and I was so exhausted the rest of the day because I didn't sleep in the plane. It was freezing so I made the most comforting pumpkin soup!

After a deep sleep of 16 hours (probably the longest sleep ever) it was time for brekkie! // an old picture from London, I miss my flat there!

Fall leaves and Hunters, true autumn feeling! // quinoa with kale, super combination and so healthy! We had this for dinner with salmon fillet

For their current exhibition, the MoMu (Mode Museum) sorted through their archives and picked out some iconic Belgian designs from the last few years. If you happen to be in Antwerp, I highly recommend this exhibition. (info here)

Steen en Been is a really unique shop in Antwerp. It's full of shells, butterflies, minerals, animal skeletons and fossils. Perfect if you want to add something special and precious to your interior, or if you're looking for a unique gift. (info here)

I feel like this is just another city guide full of tips haha! I just like to share the good places I come across :) This is a very old café in Brussels, and when entering this place it really feels like you go back in time . If you're looking for excellent Belgian beer you're at the right address. Try the Gueuze, Cherry and my favourite, Faro. (info here)

The new Ladurée store in Brussels is the biggest and most impressive I've ever seen // another Steen en Been-style shop in Brussels. I definitely want to have butterflies in my interior when I have my own place. 

For some of Belgian's finest chocolate you have to go to Mary. They have been purveyor to the royal household for ages. Some of the best chocolates I've had in a long long time for sure.

I've lived in Belgium for 21 years and I had never seen Manneken Pis, what a shame haha. It's not that special in real life so I don't feel I missed out all those years ;) // At Bozar there's an incredibly good exhibition on Rubens. If you like Rubens you can't miss this!

Some of the best Italian food in Antwerp: Il Magnifico. Truffle overload! Too delicious! (info here)

Standard all-black outfit // in love with this Molecule 01 perfume

the best thing after a night out: fresh orange juice // went out for a run around 4 pm but it got dark and very cold. I definitely don't feel like running during winter, too cold!

window-shopping (or as they say in French, window-licking) the Chanel store is sooo beautiful!

Another VERY exciting store opening soon: a gigantic Nike store. I can't wait! // home made popcorn. Very easy to make and healthier than microwave popcorn. I use one teaspoon of coconut oil and a little bit of salt. Within 5 minutes you've got the best snack 

Trying to do two or three BBG workouts a week. It's still very tough but it feels great when it's done // Recent discovery and new obsession, Gervita by Danone. It's kind of a quark/cottage cheese/cream cheese thing BUT it has the texture of whipped cream. Best food discovery of 2014. It's hard to find but the bigger supermarkets should have it. 

Cool ceilings in Antwerp: the cathedral and Felix Pakhuis

I left out some pictures, or else this post would have gotten way too long! I hope you enjoyed this photo diary :)

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