Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in London

London is at its most glorious at two different times of the year: during those first really warm and sunny days around April AND in December during Christmas-time. And Londoners know this, because they manage to turn a two-day holiday into a two-month build-up of excitement, Christmas lights and gift shopping. With Christmas just around the corner now, I thought I'd share some pictures of my favourite city in full ornament. If you're not yet in the Christmas-mood, you will be after reading this post!

Over Oxford Street there are hundreds of little baubles hanging

My favourite street, Regent Street, is always sponsored by some movie, but I still think the lights are pretty! 

New Bond Street looked more festive than usual, especially the Cartier store, wrapped in one huge bow. 

My favourite department store Selfridges is looking glorious day and night, with windows filled to the bring with gold & sparkles

"Can I have that one?"

This wall is what dreams are made of.. a chocolate wall with all kinds of special chocolate brands I've never heard of. I wanted to try them all! 

My favourite London florist is the one at Selfridges, love the flowers and combinations they make here 

My Canon camera, but limited edition in white, so pretty! I've had my camera for exactly a year and I still think it was one of the best gifts ever (funnily enough this photo wasn't taken with my Canon) For me it's absolutely essential for not only my blog but also travels I want to remember forever. And okay also food I want to remember forever haha!

 Next stop.. Liberty! 

Floor 4 is where you have to be: the Liberty Christmas department! Though it seemed to be less special than previous years, it's still my favourite Christmas department because Liberty just feels like a big old house. 

Snooping through the cookbook section. I love looking at the newest releases, it makes me want to cook new things. I'm happy I already got Ottolenghi's new book, I love it! I also saw a pink Mexican cookbook which looked really good. 

Something I discovered in Liberty is a huge House of Hackney section, where you'll find all kinds of home stuff with the coolest prints. 

Never heard about Reece Hudson before but I love the little fringe bags, original and cute. 

When I enter Fortnum and Mason, I always imagine that this would be the department store where the Queen would do her shopping. It has some of the best teas in London and other British delicacies. On the other floors you can find other old-fashioned classics such as the softest powder puffs & Mason Pearson brushes. 

Last but not least we had a snoop around the famous food halls at Harrods. Everything you wish for is in this food hall. It may come with a heavy price tag, but looking around is always fun to do :)

I'm feeling considerably more festive now, hop you do too! I wish you a merry Christmas, with lots of good food and family time!

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