Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breakfast at Nordic Bakery | Marylebone

After 5 days in London plus one extra day due to strikes in Belgium (hurrah!) I'm back to blogging and ready to tell you what I've been up to the past couple of days. It was wonderful to be back and the weather was amazing so I've had my portion of London, hopefully enough to last until spring ;) Though I prefer salty to sweet, there is one thing I really missed about London: Nordic Bakery. 

My brother and I are HUGE cinnamon bun lovers, so we grab any chance to eat some good buns. On Monday we woke up early and walked from Kensington to Marylebone, which was my home during my final year of uni. Before continueing our walk, we decided to stop over at Nordic Bakery for breakfast. 

There are two Nordic Bakeries in Marylebone, but we chose the one near New Cavendish Street because they bake their buns freshly there (and deliver them to the other bakery). Though you can eat other breakfast-worthy things like salmon on rye bread, we both picked a bun. I had mine with coffee, which is also my favourite coffee in London. Scandinavians know how to do coffee & cake, period. (more proof here)

While we silently enjoyed the soft, slightly warm and gooey cinnamon/cardamom buns, we flicked through the Nordic Bakery cookbook, which is filled with classic Scandinavian recipes. You know, the essentials like blueberry pie, rye bread and oat cookies. It's the perfect gift for Scandinavia-lovers (you know who you are)

If you're looking for the best cinnamon in London, look no further, because this is it! Try to grab one while they are fresh from the oven, those are absolutely divine. Promise me you'll try one next time you're in London?

After that slightly naughty breakfast, we walked it all off by walking to my favourite place in London: Primrose Hill. The weather gods treated us with clear blue skies and milky sunlight. I don't think I've ever seen London look THIS good. 

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