Friday, November 21, 2014

One day in Buenos Aires

Rather than making an individual review of places, I thought I'd share a picture diary of a day in Buenos Aires. We did quite a lot of things that Saturday so I can show you a few hotspots and places to see in this city. In the morning we visited a thing or two, then I went for a pilates class (gotta stay fit on holiday), after lunch we walked around some more to see some landmarks and in the evening we had dinner and drinks in Palermo. Full day which means tons of photos!
One day city guide of Buenos Aires

We started the morning in Recoleta. In the picture above you can see the building which previously was a Ralph Lauren store, how nice?! In the picture below you see the Inglesia Nuestra Señora Del Pilar, which is the second oldest church in the city (completed in 1732). It's located next to one of the main cultural attractions in Buenos Aires: Cementerio de la Recoleta, the Recoleta cemetery. 

This cemetery is like no other you've seen before. It has over 4000 graves, which were each uniquely designed for its owners. As some of Argentina's most famous personalities and presidents are buried here, the graves are impressive to see. 

The cemetary is so big it strangely feels like you're in some kind of village. Luckily we were here on a sunny day, because I think it would be much less nice on a dark and gloomy day.

Before going to pilates we had a little bit of time left to visit the School of Law, which is located in an impressive building. 

After pilates and lunch it was time to explore some more. While walking we passed this little place called Farinelli. I must try this next time, it looked really nice inside!

I believe this little park is called Retiro, but I'm not entirely sure. It looked very tropical and pretty!

The Standard Bank at the beginning of calle Florida. 

Florida street has lots of nice architecture but unfortunately it's quite a horrible shopping street with people shouting 'cambio cambio cambio' at you (currency exchange). You really have to keep a close eye on your stuff here because it's a major tourist spot. BUT there was a really cool surprise hidden there: Harrods! It's very unexpected to find a Harrods at the other side of the world. 

Sadly this Harrods closed in 1989 so it's completely empty at the moment. This building almost takes up a whole block with its 47,000 square meters. It's absolutely massive! How cool would it be if it opened again? 

At the end of the street you end up at Plaza de Mayo, where you'll find some landmarks such as Casa Rosada (presidential office) and the metropolitan cathedral.

We then walked over to Puerto Madero, an area of the city which had a complete re-vamp the past decade. On one side of the waterfront there are old brick warehouses that were turned into lofts, with lots of restaurants below it. Over the water there's another one of Buenos Aires' major landmarks: Puente de la Mujer, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It's a pedestrian bridge that connects the east- to the westbank. 

After some icecream at the waterside, we walked back to the flat and got changed for dinner. My sister decided to bring us to one of her favourite places: Sudestada. I didn't bring my blogging camera anywhere in the city so I didn't manage to capture the food up to its flavour standards. But oh my, this is some of the best Asian food I've tried. We had a mix of different starters and mains (Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, a mix of Asian cuisine) and each one of the was absolutely divine. My favourite was the very very spicy green curry, which was almost too spice to eat and at the same time too delicious not to eat. Everything we tried was full of flavour and almost addictive, haha. If you're ever in Buenos Aires, this restaurant is a MUST. (details here)

After dinner we walked around in Palermo and checked out a really cool bar/restaurant called Ølsen. There wasn't any space for us to sit so we went somewhere else but I'd definitely come back here for a drink in the big front garden or inside by the fireplace. 

It was a long day in B.A. (and a long post, congrats for making it all the way through), many impressions and things to see. It's a city like no other and I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

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