Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall beauty favourites

A few beauty bits and bobs have snuck their way into my drawer the past few weeks so I thought I'd share with you my favourite ones. It's getting close to winter so it's time to change things up a bit with new colours and scents. Most of these are real budget gems; who doesn't love a good bargain?

Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow - Jump up and Brown... (030)
This is a beautiful dark taupe eyeshadow which truly feels like velvet. It's super blend-able so perfect to make a smoky eye look. I believe this is a newer addition to the Catrice assortment; there's some really beautiful colours in there. I love the matte effect! -€3.99-

NYX Powder Blush - Taupe
Even though this is supposed to be used as a blush, I use this for shaping. I had seen Nikkie use this in almost every single one of her videos and she's the queen of contouring, so I had to get my hands on this bargain beauty. NYX is quite hard to find so I was very surprised to find it at Douglas in Amsterdam. I've been using this as a countour ever since and it's really the perfect shade which is also sheer enough to make it look natural. -€6.99-

NYX Butter Gloss - Éclair
I had read lots about these lipglosses online, so I was curious to try one out. I chose this beautiful light pink colour. The gloss is non-sticky and very creamy, and is very different to any other gloss I've tried. It stays on for quite a long time so I'm impressed! It also smells like sweet toffee which is always a good thing. -€6.99-

Essie - Take it Outside (Limited Edition)
In this fall collection, Essie has one nail polish that really caught my eye. The colour is very similar to our cat's fur (lilac British Shorthair), and it's just a beautiful subtle and chic grey-tone. Suitable for work, and with a glitter topcoat added to one fingernail it's also festive-holiday-party-proof. Different than the classic fall dark colours and that's exactly why I like it!  -€9.99-

NYX HD Concealer - Fair CW02
I have found the perfect under-eye concealer! It's opaque, light and doesn't go into the creases like other concealers. This is the second lightest shade and it's very light, almost too light, while I normally always take the lightest shade. I've only used this under my eyes and it immediately highlights and freshens up my face. Love it! -€6.99-

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules 
This perfume was incredibly popular around this time last year, and I was always tempted to get it but wasn't quite convinced until I tried it myself. This unisex perfume is made up from one single ingredient, and it smells different on everyone. On me, it smells very subtle and woody. It's very subtle but still 'there'. I really love this kind of subtle scent which is 'unique on you'. It might just be a gimmick but it works for me! It's kind of hard to explain what this smells like since it smells differently on everyone (my mom tried it and it smelled more floral on her), so you have to try it out for yourself. This would really be the perfect Christmas gift for men and women, since it's unique and has that novelty factor. This small travel bottle costs €55 and I got it at Skins Cosmetics

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