Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear London

While my blog used to be almost all about London, it's unfortunately not possible to keep that up when you no longer live there. Do you also miss London on whiskers & lions? The reviews, the food, the city..? Good! Because in a few weeks I'll be visiting my second home again, and I'll take you along with me. I still think about this city every day, it's crazy how you can get attached to places. I'm already even missing some things about Amsterdam and I've barely left the place! It's been less than 5 months since I said goodbye to my flat, friends and London lifestyle, so I couldn't be happier to go back, even if it's only a few days. I can't wait!

Some things I miss about London:

♥ Picking up some fresh flowers at Columbia Road flower market. For a nature girl like me the price of flowers there are still kind of frightening, but it was by far my favourite thing to do on a Sunday. 
♥ Meeting my friends for coffee. We would meet in the afternoon and talk for hours and hours about everything and nothing. Gosh I miss those girls! And spontaneous coffee dates
♥ Walking around for miles and miles, without knowing where I'd end up, just out of curiosity. Discovering new places was/is one of the best things about London. It was even better when I had my partner in crime with me, we're both infatuated with London.  
♥ Strolling around Marylebone, which I was lucky enough to call "my area" for a while. It's one of the cosiest and prettiest areas in London, like a small village!
♥ Trying out new hot & happening restaurants or going back to old favourites. Thai Metro was always a safe bet and hasn't gotten enough credit on my blog yet. Cheap, simple and very tasty Thai food. 
♥ Fresh and delicious sushi. You can get simple sushi on almost every street corner in London and I now I think the last time I ate sushi was 2 months ago. I mostly miss Ohisama, my go-to take-away place in Marylebone which was fantastic!

This list could go on for days so I'll stop here. I picked out some London pics from the archives, seems like I didn't go outside very much on the rainy days ;) 
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