Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September/October in pictures

It's time to show you what I've been up to the past few weeks. Time literally flew by and I'm now in the second last week of my internship in Amsterdam. I was lucky to help out with lots of different events which was really nice! This weekend I'll hopefully try out some final new places to share with you on the blog:)

My favourite place on Saturday in Amsterdam: Noordermarkt // yummy smoothie bowl with pieces of chocolate, peanut butter and coconut flakes

2 small pomegranates for 1 euro from the market // pretty flowers never fail to make me happy

Cool boots at Zara, I only wish they were black, not brown. I never ever wear brown! // cute going out bag at Zara. It was so crowded there that day that I didn't end up getting anything but I'm really liking the collection at the moment

I really love this season's Burberry ponchos! Wish I had a spare €1000 euros to spend haha // spotted this little cat on my way to the gym, he perfectly blends in

Tried on a bomber jacket at Zara. Really love the colour, not sure about the jacket though // avocado on walnut bread from the market. Walnut bread is quite hard to find but I found some at the Noordermarkt. I have to try to make it myself once

Home is where the dog sleeps.. and where the chestnuts are roasted (favourite food in the world, I know it's a bit strange but I've loved roasted chestnuts since I was little. I found these in the forest so you can't get it any fresher)

Vogue's November issue has a big interview with Charlize Theron, whom I seem to have something in common with ;)

Our cat Biba also likes to stay up to date on the latest news and fashion // snuggly Sunday

I worked at the opening of the Future Of Fashion is Now exhibition at the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam, really nice event and exhibition (worth a visit!) 

Foam rolling the soreness out of my muscles // Ann Demeulemeester just released a book, with hundreds of pages of designs throughout her career, really cool to see the evolution! Definitely a nice gift for fashion lovers or coffee table book lovers

Leafing through Rens Kroes' book, love this book a lot, it kind of feels like I'm reading my own words - Rens is also obsessed with nut butter haha // talking of which... I put in a request a while ago at Marqt where I asked if they could sell Meridian almond butter, and now they do! I like to think this is because of my request.. you're welcome, people of Amsterdam ;)

Last week was the big store opening in Rotterdam of the biggest H&M in Europe, together with a Monki and Weekday store.  // I tried to capture the H&M on this pic but you can't even see where it ends, that's how big it is!

Balloons, cocktails and yummy snacks at the Monki opening // Andy from Stylescrapbook as DJ at the H&M opening

Brekkie in the sun on the roof, smoothie bowl as usual. Now that it's getting colder I'll start eating oatmeal again I think // two boxes of raspberries for 2 euros, gotta love the market! I ate these in the sun last Saturday, it was 22 degrees and lovely in Amsterdam.

I have become a bit of a coffee addict these past few months. I restrict myself to one a day though! // hugging the kitten, always so soft and cute 

Rope skipping is part of my routine every time I go to the gym. I usually do 500, 1000 or 1500 skips, depending if I'm just warming up or if I want to do a bit more cardio that day. I must say that practice really makes perfect, I can skip pretty fast now! // mango, yoghurt and pomegranate breakfast 

Nghia Nghia is a little Vietnamese place close to the office, so we sometimes get lunch there. This is my colleague's beef salad but I always get the summer rolls // taking in some vitamin D while waiting for our food. This autumn has been really lovely apart from the occasional storm

Watching my flatmates run the marathon and half-marathon of Amsterdam. The finish was in the old Olympic Stadion, cool location. This kind of made me feel like training for another race! I'm unsure about doing a full marathon but a half marathon seems like a good goal right now. What do you think? Would you do it? // Sunday funday! The best red velvet cake in Amsterdam at De Drie Graefjes, it really was SUPER delicious. They also make the most outrageously big muffins at this place, I must return:)

Hope you enjoyed my random snapshots!

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