Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most loved XII

Haven't done one of these posts in a while. It's now October and summer is officially behind us (though it's still around 20 degrees some days!). I have one more month left in Amsterdam so I have to make the most of my time here. This post consists a few old and a few new favourites.. here's my most loved: 

Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Netherlands
Harper's just launched in the Netherlands which is awesome since my favourite magazines are usually Dutch editions (such as Glamour and Vogue, always great content). I like that a new magazine just launched in times where everything is turning digital. There's nothing like flicking through some beautiful photoshoots when having breakfast in bed!

Gadget: portable iPhone charger
Super handy, I take this thing everywhere I go. No need to walk around with an iPhone charger looking for sockets; I just plug this charger in and my phone gets charged up to 80%. Really convenient on long days, travels or when you feel too lazy to find your actual iPhone charger ;)

Dinner: a great home-cooked meal
Though I haven't been home in Belgium most of the summer, I did make the occasional weekend trip home, since I was missing my mom's cooking skills. This dinner is simple but really great: mussels with lots of vegetables from the garden, a creamy white wine sauce, hand-cut crispy fries, home made mayonnaise and some ice cold white wine. Oh how I'll miss having sunset dinners outside!

Instant happiness: fluffy kitten
One thing I miss most about home is all my pets! And especially our überfluffy, cutest little cat who always seems to blend into the background like in this picture. 

Reads: About a Boy & Restaurant Babylon
The two only books I read this summer but I really liked both. As I've said before, I'm a big fan of the Babylon book series, and this one about London restaurants certainly didn't disappoint. A must-read if you want to know what actually happens in the restaurant scene. About a Boy, the most recent Bridget Jones book, is absolutely hilarious just like the other Bridget books. If you want to have a good laugh then you must read this one!

Feeling: discovering Amsterdam
During the weekends that I'm in Amsterdam, I love to just take my bike and bike around the city, discover new places and streets, and generally get carried away by wherever the day takes me. Amsterdam is tiny compared to London but there's still so much to discover. I hope I can make kind of a general Amsterdam guide/map by the end of my stay here.

Fashion item: Princesse Tam Tam triangle bra
This is probably the most beautiful bra I've ever had, so when I saw it in blue, I knew I had to have it. Luckily I found it as a gift in my room last time I came home, too sweet! I really love these bras. 

Healthy food: SLA 
Really big and fillings salads with delicious, organic and fresh ingredients, what's not to love? Perfect as a lunch-time treat at work, since there's a SLA very close to where I work. There's a new autumn menu now and I tried the salad with feta and kale which was super tasty!

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