Sunday, October 19, 2014

I love fall

I'm actually not sad that summer is over. Because I worked all summer I feel like I won't really "miss" summer since I didn't get to see much of it anyway! I'm ready for colder weather and darker days, as crazy as that may sound. I love the change of seasons, so I made a list of things I love about fall...

  Pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin, carving pumpkins, funky-looking pumpkins at the market.. pumpkins are pretty awesome and provide the ultimate fall feeling

 Sunny, cold and crisp days where the air is fresh and the sun on your skin reminds you of those hot summer days 

 Fall collections in stores; searching for the perfect boots or winter coat

 Taking a warm shower after being completely soaked in the rain (the only downside of having your bike as main transportation mode, Dutch people problems hehe). Rain is my least favourite thing about fall but it's quite cosy as long as you're inside. And rain is also a pretty good excuse for wearing a stylish hat (love this and this one)

♥ A warm cup tea or coffee while it's raining outside. Even better: drinking it by the fireplace! Way too hot during summer but super soothing during this season

♥ Starting to watch a new tv show, it gets dark earlier so a good excuse to watch some episodes, right? I'm not even sure which show to pick yet so suggestions are welcome

♥ Your gym is no longer overly steamy and sweaty now that temperatures are dropping, yay!

♥ Chunky knits, biker boots and lots of layering

♥ We can soon put our clocks on hour back. One more hour of sleep is all I can think of ;)

♥ Leaves turning orange, yellow, red and falling from the trees forming a colourful carpet on the roads, this is probably the most beautiful season nature-wise

  Roasted chestnuts, probably my all-time favourite food

Scented candles, my parents brought back my favourite candle from the States: Fresh Balsam from Bath & Body Works. It's the best!

  Secretly REALLY looking forward to Christmas & party season. I know I'm not the only one...
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